BreakAway: Indoor Training - Uploading Completed Workouts to Garmin Connect

This is now working in the BETA version of the app. Couple of BETA users has indicated that it’s working on their side as well. Just to be transparent on how it works/why it’s done this way.

Apple App Store Link: [](https://BreakAway: Indoor Training on Apple App Store)

BETA (via TestFlight) : Join the BreakAway: Indoor Training beta - TestFlight - Apple

  1. Garmin ONLY offers completed workout uploads to SELECT enterprise customers (Zwift / TrainerRoad / Tacx App / Rouvy). Even doesn’t have the permission to upload. (Additionally, last I heard couple years ago, was they want USD5000 for access)

  2. I’ve also been looking for ways to get (completed) workout upload done. Cos Now, I’m dual recording because I want training load calculation and all the associated stuffs (not sure about VO2Max/Training Status)
    – However, dual recording doesn’t give me Speed / Distance etc.
    – I’ve even wanted to try re-broadcasting the speed data to the Garmin, but Garmin in all their expertise, decided to NOT allow private Bluetooth sensors access.

  1. So after all that, I decided to find out how apps like RunGap does it. So, it seems like they are just faking themselves as users manually logging into GC, then Pressing the Upload Link, then proceeding to upload.

After quite a bit of work, finally managed to get it to work. Also managed to fake it such that you can also earn Garmin Badges :-p But there’s going to be a lot of Caveats…

I’ve also reworked some bits, so now these uploads will

  • Count your Training Load
  • Include your TSS Numbers (you need to ensure Intervals.Icu / The BreakAway: Indoor Training App has the correct & up-to-date FTP number as your Garmin Watch/HeadUnit

example - following an outdoor route Indoors.

If you’re on the BETA, you can test it in the next version.

Here’s how it works from dcrainmaker. The Completed workout goes full circle from App → Garmin Connect Web → Garmin Connect Watch/HeadUnit → Garmin Connect Web to get the Training Load. (I think VO2Max also gets updated after it’s calculated by the watch/headunit)

Are there any resources on how to automate that login stuff? I always wanted to do this myself, but all I found was older stuff that no longer worked.

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i expect frequent breakages, but will see how it goes.
I’m thinking of going after Withings Weight → next. (Since Withings does provide a way for Users to login to their own account.)

Next revision will have the ability to sync Both Weight and Blood Pressure data from Withings to Garmin.

Newer Version is now updated with additional Garmin Connect Capability.

  • Completed Activity Names will no longer be a Garmin provided default. It will now be the same name as your completed activity.
    (In case you’re not aware, you can choose what the default activity name is from within Account Settings)
    eg: Garmin Connect Account Setting Option:
    Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 1.34.54 PM

  • There is also a new option within Intervals.Icu sync, where you can now have selective edit changes within the app, sync’ed back to Garmin Connect (and Ride w/ GPS and of course

This new revision is now Live on the Apple App Store. Let me know if you found it useful and any feedback etc.

I’m now thinking if I should enable FTP changes within Garmin to Sync to Intervals.Icu or vice-Versa. My own use case is that, i dont do FTP tests anymore, I just rely on Garmin’s automatic “Your FTP has changed” popup on the watch after the activity. Right now, I’m manually changing it in


much awaited feature. Thanks man!! :partying_face: :partying_face:
FTP sync would be very good idea. New riders like me do focus on improving FTP during base/build phase.

sync from where to where?
My use case is Garmin → Intervals

intervals to Garmin

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