BreakAway: Indoor Training - Sync Withings Data to Intervals.Icu

This is now working in the my development version of the app.
I only tested w/ some Dummy Data i manually input to Withings. Not sure how it will fare when there are like months of data.

Initial sync (to for months of data may likely fail as I’m uploading the data on a day-by-day basis to (300 days = 300 API Calls)

Would need some feedback. If there are any Withings Users who can help test, let me know.

app w/ Withings Support is available now. Automatic sync will only work w/ > iOS14. (It’s integrated w/ the refresh button in the week in review page)


ps: HR is mapped to restingHR in Intervals.Icu wellness fields


Withings User here (Body+ - Scale, BPM Connect - Blood Pressure)

I have daily weight and BPM data from January and not perfectly daily data for the last 3-5 years.

If you want to test stuff, just send me a PM.


I have four years of Withings weight data.
If you would like me to test please free to PM.

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Thanks @rolandplanitz and @Marvin_Dorfler. You can download and test it out using the BETA app (link updated in first post). Also updated some descriptions and what not on how it works.

2 things to test

  1. daily sync (this will sync data from past 7 days from Today eg: 1/May to 7/May assuming today = 7/May)
  2. Bulk Sync - this will use the “import dates” within the /SETTINGS tab under Withings. I’ve placed the default as 1 month from today as placeholder.


Any chance we can customise the fields that are written? I’m using an Oura Ring as well and fields like Resting HR come from there.

Right now there are 5 selectable fields from a whole list that withings supports. (ref. 1st post)

But I cross referenced those fields w/ and seems like these 5 are all there are that’s equivalent.

If you do not want HR to come from Withings (which from what I read, withings HR isn’t really resting HR), then disable the switch and should be good to go.

Withings has several HR values (from my sleep sensor, from my Blood Pressure device and if one has a more fancy scale or a watch/tracker there would be hr as well)

I’ll have a look at your update and test it when I find a moment :wink:

oh… is it… Would love to see how that is “differentiated” in the API data. I see the API has something called “deviceID” . Would be great if there are samples to work with so that I can see what can be done to select or such.

This feature is now live and available for all in the Apple App Store.
I am now working on the next revision which would also push the data to Garmin Connect.

Some uploaded Dummy data example: