BreakAway: Indoor Training App Now with Calendar integration (Workout Of The Day)

Hi all,

I’m so excited in seeing this work after some days of putting this together. I’ve been using and testing this on and off over the last couple of days and I think I’m finally happy with the way it’s performing.

I wanna thanks @david for the API Access in advance for some things he’s helping to sort out at his server end but it should be minimally impacting. (The app is currently configured to only pull WOD (workout of the day). Eg: Today but some server side challenges is making it such that workouts for the next day is also pulled as well)

I’ve made a short 17sec video showing it in action.

ps: I’m the developer for the app & this is slated for the next release.


Apple just approved the next revision of BreakAway: Indoor Training app w/ the changes that enables Syncing of calender directly into the app. (still working on weekly summary, but figured i’ll release what I have first rather than waiting)

Go to Settings, and flick on the Connect to switch. Once you’ve login, then you’re good to go.
Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 6.48.25 AM

By default, the app will only download the WOD (Workout Of the Day), but you can change that by enabling the “Download Entire Week” option.

The other options there is for

  • don’t mess with the recovery intervals when you press the +/- buttons
  • processing of outdoor rides as Power based Indoor rides and it will convert your outdoor ride coasting to a min % of FTP.

Do a “pull to refresh” within the Library Tab, within the PLAN segment at the top and it will sync the workouts from intervals calendar directly into the app.

Here’s a short video of how to activate this feature and doing the “pull to refresh” within the Library Tab of the App. (in the PLAN segment at the top)


Used the BreakAway app for the first time last night after a clarification on usage from the developer. Nice companion app for Intervals. I’ve struggled to find a slick solution for riding my indoor sessions from Intervals without doing a lot of copying.

Suggest an interval forward and backward button in addition to the power controls.

Hi -

Thank you for your suggestion. This feature has now been coded and undergoing testing. (let me know if you wish to participate in beta testing. I can send a invite link via to your email, but you would need to download the TestFlight App)

Take note that skipping the current Interval will only be enabled during Structured Workouts mode (not Slope Simulation Mode). In addition to that, when an interval has been skipped(by pressing the Skip Button - highlighted in Red Box in above screenshot), any future workout cues present in the workout will not be shown anymore.

Workout Cues are based on specific timestamps within the WorkoutFile and Fast Forwarding to next interval messes up the timestamps in relation to the workout file.

I’d happily beta test the feature. Thanks

Does this have power match?

Hi -

Thanks for your question.

Power Matching is available via 2 options within the Settings Tab.

Here are 2 FB Posts about this feature:
PowerMatch Post #1
PowerMatch Post #2


Here is the public link for this. Take note that you will need to download testflight App.
You will be notified (by apple) when the new beta is ready to download. (just submitted it, it might take a 24hrs or it might take few days to get approved for beta release to testers)

Edit : Apple Approved the beta. This beta enables the “skip current interval” function.

I’ve downloaded the app to try and can’t get past screen asking for Peleton, Zwift, or Garmin connection. I don’t use any of these. Wahoo, Trainerroad, and Intervals.


I do not understand. The app does not connect or asks for any Peloton / Zwift or Garmin connections. If you want to connect to any external services, the only suported ones are Strava / Dropbox and Intervals.

Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 6.48.25 AM

Would you mind uploading a screenshot?

Ah, wrong Breakaway cycling app! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Sorry! `