ACTIVITIES PAGE - a guide to getting started

In the guide, you will learn about the Activities page, and the features available.
Each section is covered in a separate post, so that any features relating to the specific section on this page can be updated accordingly.

What can you do on this page?

  • Plan workouts, rides, runs for a day, week, block, year, etc.
  • Upload activities
  • Plan weekly training load, duration and distance, but sport
  • See a weekly summary of your wellness and activities
  • Add notes about holidays, illness, injuries, A, B or C events
  • Contact coaches affiliated with the site

Section 1
View the calendar by current month, past or the future


  • Clicking on the date, Aug 2022, opens up the next 2 weeks on the calendar, or you can select years and months from the past.
  • Clicking a year, eg. 2018 will then show January to December of that year below the 2018 date.

Section 2 and 3
Calendar view - the default view when opening the Activities page.

Clicking the List view, right image, it shows a list of your activities.

This allows bulk editing of certain data, by ticking the checkbox, left most column, and then using the Edit option. Editing allows:

  • Changing weight, FTP, W’ (pronounced double-u prime);
  • Fixing Heart Rate, Power, and/or cadence;
  • Re-detecting intervals;
  • Reprocessing the original file (excluding Strava);
  • Updating zones (useful if you forgot to change your LTHR, maxHR and/or FTP;
  • Delete activities

Section 4
Add entry to the calendar

Click the add entry icon, and you have the following options:

1. Wellness Data
Options to add a wealth of information relating to Wellness.
This will be covered in a separate help section.

The following entries are similar, and follow a similar screen layout. This will also be covered in separate help sections, eg. using the workout builder, or just basic details.
2. Ride
3. Run
4. Swim
5. Weight Training
6. Walk
7. Workout
8. Yoga
9. Other Workout

The following entries allow a title, description, start and end date and a colour.
Most of this information appears as a note on the calendar, and covered under point 10.
10. A Race
11. B Race
12. C Race
13. Notes
14. Holiday
15. Sick
16. Injured
17. Season

18. Set eFTP
Allows to set the eFTP for a specific date.

19. Fitness Days
The default values for Fitness (42 days) and Fatigue (7 days) can be changed here.

20. Set Fitness
If you don’t have ride history uploaded to your calendar, but want to start from a known fitness level, you can add a start number for Fitness and Fatigue for a specific date.


Section 5
Workout Library


If your library is empty, you will see a blank pop-up lists as follows:

Clicking NEW allows two options, Plan or Folder

1. Plan
Give the plan a Name, eg. Season 2022, then the start week.
Rollout offers options to send to your calendar in blocks ranging from weekly, to the next 1-12 weeks, or the whole plan.
Auto rollout is disabled by default, but can be done on a specific day of the week.
Starting Fitness and Fatigue as well as a description can be added.

2. Folder
Adding a folder is useful to keep separate athletes apart, as well as specific types of workouts, or plans.

If your library has data it will show folders and plans

Files are stored on top of the library, while plans appear below.
The value in brackets indicates the number of workouts in the folder/plan.
Library folders shared with others will have the shared icon
The triple dot icon, far right, opens up more options.

Triple dot options
Options available are:
Add, Import workouts, Edit, Share or Delete the folder and Download.
Download options currently available are ZWO (Zwift), MRC (% of FTP), ERG (Target Power) or JSON.

The tick box, Copy when dragging is useful when adding the same details to more than one calendar date, eg. Planned Rest Day notes can be added to multiple days.

The search bar, at the top of the Library pop-up box, allows to search for a workout, eg. 4x4 reveals the 4x4m workout files with that name.

Using the PLAN to auto fill onto your calendar:

  • Name the plan
  • Select the start week
  • Rollout the whole plan or by weeks
  • Auto rollout can be any day of the week
  • Starting Fitness and Fatigue can be found on the FITNESS page, or from another PMC chart if you’re migrating to
  • Description is exactly that: as simple or detailed as you see fit.

DELETE will delete the plan
CANCEL will close without saving
OK will close and save


  1. The name of your plan; you named it in the steps above
  2. The athletes that this can be rolled out to. It can be yourself, or others. Simply tick each person in the list.
  3. Drag existing workouts from your LIBRARY FOLDERS, or create them as new workouts.

CLOSE (top right) will close the plan.

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Section 6
Ask a coach for help


This option opens a pop-up for you to contact affiliated coaches.

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Section 7

Quite a lot of features here, so updated posts will be required.

  1. Search for activity
    Allow you to search for activities by the activity name, eg. Temp will list all tempo workouts.

  2. Clicking on CSV allows you to download all activities

  3. Normal, Compact or Minimal
    Allows you to change the amount of information displayed on the Activities page.

  1. Colors | Wellness | Weather
    Drop down options reveals additional information and options
    This will be covered in specific posts

  2. Tick boxes
    This allows you to show/hide information on each day on the calendar.
    This will be covered in specific posts.

  3. Add calendar
    This allows you to link a 3rd party calendar to your account, eg. your Outlook, iOS or similar.

  4. Export Calendar
    This allows you to export your calendar in to another 3rd party calendar.

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Section 8

Clicking on the Upload button allows you to upload any activity to your account.

Drag and Drop, or click to select a file from your computer’s folder(s).

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Section 9
Option to go to a specific date.

Click on the grey block, eg. AUG 29, it will open up the next 2 weeks on your calendar.
On the calendar, the past is below the current week, while the future is above. There have been requests to swap this around, similar to other apps, but it’s currently hard-coded as current.

Repeated clicks on the date bar, will open up the next 2 weeks on each click.

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Section 10
Notes section

If notes are loaded for 2 or more days, they will appear above the week, eg. Base3 (red) and Test note (green) appear in week 32.
This applies to Notes, Holidays, Sick, Injured and can be custom coloured for easy identification.

Clicking on the note allows you to delete, mark done, edit or simply close the notes.

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Section 11
Weekly totals

This section can be viewed across the top of week, or to the left.
Change this in the Options menu (section 7) by ticking the option Show weekly total on top depending on your preference to view information on screen.

What can be viewed in this section? From left to right:

This is the view when Show weekly total on top is selected

  1. Week dates, Monday to Sunday
  2. Week number
  3. Total Training Load
  4. Fitness
  5. Fatigue
  6. Form
  7. Ramp rate
  8. kcal for the total workouts
  9. Elevation gain
    10a. Biking specific target load, duration, distance and %compliance
    10b. Running specific target load, duration, distance and %compliance
    10c. Swim specific target load, duration, distance and %compliance
  10. Training Intensity Distribution, eg. Polarised, Pyramidal, Threshold, HIIT, Base or Unique.
  11. Time in zone distribution (power or HR, depending on your selected option in the calendar).

This is the view when Show weekly totals on top is not selected.

Clicking on the weekly summary, the following view is shown with additional options and information:

  1. Graphical view of time in zone
  2. Training Intensity Distribution (the type is slightly bigger)
  3. Summary information below (Fitness, Fatigue, Form, Ramp Rate, Weight, eFTP and FTP/Kg
  4. Options to add Planned data for Biking, Running and Swimming (top right).

Clicking on Biking will allow the following options:
For week 32, you can add the planned Training Load, Time or Distance as well as a note.
Your progress against the plan will be viewed in the weekly summary, eg. 121%

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Section 12
Wellness & Weather information
This section will only cover Wellness information. The weather information is discussed in section 15.

The information appears in order, from top to bottom, as follows:

  • Date
  • Weather information (today + the next 13 days in the future).
  • Wellness information
    • Sleep data, Weight and Hydration
    • HRV data
    • Subjective feeling, eg. Soreness, Fatigue, Stress, Motivation and Injury.

Clicking on the date will allow you to add an entry. Besides workouts and activity data, you can also add Wellness Data

Here you can add (left to right, top down):

  • Weight and kCal Consumed
  • Resting HR and Sleep duration
  • Sleep Score and Average Sleeping HR
  • SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation) and HRV (rMSSD)
  • HRV (SDNN) and Readiness score
  • Baevsky SI and Systolic blood pressure reading
  • Diastolic blood pressure reading and Blood Glucose level (mmol/L)
  • Lactate (mmol/L) and Hydration (L)
  • Body Fat % and Abdomen (cm), aka the waist circumference
  • VO2max score

Below that, you have the 1-4 rating for the following:

  • Sleep Quality
  • Soreness (Pre-training)
  • Fatigue (Pre-training)
  • Stress
  • Mood
  • Motiviation
  • Injury
  • Hydration

Lastly, a space for comments

Fields is a dropdown menu that allows you to select what information you want to see on the activities page. Simply tick/untick the options

OK & NEXT will take you to the next day’s entry, so you don’t need to close, go to the next day and open the menu again.

CANCEL simply closes the page without saving

OK saves and closes.

On the calendar page, for one day, it can show you the summary information in graphic/numerical form at the top of the day’s entry.

  • Date: Mon 15 Aug
  • Sleep duration: 7h58m
  • Sleep Score: 5
  • Sleep Quality: Q3
  • Hydration: Ok (Hydrated)
  • Weight: 80Kg
  • Resting HR: 44
  • Readiness: 9.2
  • HRV rMSSD: 111ms
  • HRV SDNN: 115ms
  • Mood: Good (the black smiley)
  • Soreness: 1 (low)
  • Fatigue: 3 (high)
  • Stress: 2 (average)
  • Motivation (to train today): 2 (high)
  • Injury: 1 (none)

Most of this data comes from the HRV4Training app that I use every morning.
More information about HRV can be found here.

If this data is missing, it’s not completed, or the upload from HRV4TRaining via Dropbox hasn’t been done. Not all the scores are completed in HRV4Training, eg. Weight, Stress, Mood, Injury and Hydration. This could come from other sources, or simply completed on the Wellness pop-up (section 12).

Section 13
Planned and Actual Ride data

This section view will change depending on the setting you have chosen in OPTIONS (section 7).
The default view (for me) is Compact, and if I want more information I will click on the workout to see the more detailed view.

So let’s look at one day, and the information you can see:

RIDE SUMMARY - with colour bar
The next section shows the ride plan, as well as ride data (if completed). It could also be blank, or it could show notes. Below represents a ride with a paired workout:
This will change depending on the view selected, eg. Normal, Compact and Minimal

The icon shows the activity type, eg. Run, Ride, Strength, Swim, etc.
Duration is next, in hours and minutes.
Distance is the on the right side of the colour bar.

The colours can be changed in OPTIONS (Section 7), as follows:

Options available or custom colour, based on intensity, RPE or Load.
There are custom settings options for Intensity and Load, whereas RPE is set at 1-10 only.
Further options allow you to tick (show) or untick (hide) the following options:

  • Ignore workout colours will use the default colour for the activity (see section 2&3 above).
  • Average Heart Rate & Intensity
  • Normalised Watts and RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)
  • Pace and Feel
  • GAP (grade adjusted pace) and Name (of workout)
  • Load and Intervals
  • Weight lifted and Description (of workout)

DEFAULTS returns the settings to the normal, i.e. no colour based on Intensity, RPE nor Load.
CANCEL closes and doesn’t save
OK closes and saves your changes

Clicking on the ride data opens the workout summary view, which will be covered in Section 16, below.

Depending on the view selected, you will see less/more information. In the Normal view, you will see:

  • Average HR: 146bpm, and Normalised Power: 242W
  • Load: 85
  • Intensity: 92%, RPE score: 10 and Feel: Smiley/Grumpy face
  • Intervals detected: 10s 402W and 30x 18s 485W
  • Activity Name: Evening Ride ~
  • Notes in the description: #3x10x20/40s AC sprints
  • Source file: Garmin Connect, Strava, Polar, Upload, etc.
  • Compliance to plan: 80%
    * Green tick: less than 20% above/below the planned load
    * Orange tick: 20-50% above/below the planned load
    * Red tick: greater than 50% above/below the planned load
  • Workout graphic, if you had a detailed workout, using the Workout Builder.

Section 14
Notes, and/or planned workouts with no completed workout

Occasionally, one would miss a workout and it would show the 0% compliance.
Notes made, as also showing in this section below the Weather, Wellness and Ride data.

Example of a Note for “A Planned Rest Day”.
Notes for a single day will be displayed under the workout, while Notes spanning 2 or more days will be displayed above the daily calendar entries (covered in section 10, above).

Section 15
Weather Information

Clicking on the weather information opens up a summary of the weather information for your chosen place. It is possible to have more than one location set, but does add more data to the day entry.

Other settings
Wind Speed can be set to:

  • mps (meters per second)
  • knots
  • km/h (kilometers per hour)
  • mph (miles per hour)
  • Bft (Beaufort Scale, 1-16)

Rain can be set to:

  • mm (millimeters)
  • in (inches)

Under OPTIONS (section 7) you can setup the weather for your preferred destinations.

Click on OPTIONS > Weather it will open this pop-up view:

  • Add Forecast allows you to browse for a location using the following options:
  • City (if known, it will prompt with the known city names)
  • Label (you can customise this to suit your preference)
  • Geographic co-ordinates, i.e. Latitude and Longitude (a Google search can assist with these numbers)

Examples of City names, with one or more options:

More than one destination can be saved, then you can tick/untick locations based on when you’re travelling.

Section 16
Workout Builder basics

There is a thread dedicated to the Workout Builder, but has a lot of comments in-between the vital information. This section will touch briefly on the basics:
Before starting, let’s understand what is displayed once the workout is ready to be saved.

  • Category: Chose from Workout, Manual Activity, A-B-C Race.
  • Name: 4x8m VO2 Max, can be anything you want** - this is a mandatory field.
  • Colour: Red default is red, but you can select from a list of colours.
  • Date: 19 Aug 2022, today’s date, or select a date if you’re working on another workout.
  • Time: 06:00, useful when doing more than more than one workout per day**.
  • Duration: 1h44m, an optional field; can be calculated if using the description field below**.
  • Load: 123, an optional field; can be calculated if using the description field below**.
  • Description: Custom text, duration, intensity, cadence, etc will show in the graphic at the bottom of the pop-up menu
  • Time in Zone (TIZ): if Power/HR and Duration is used, it will show the TIZ to the right:
    • Z1: 32m (30.8%)
    • Z2: 40m (38.5%)
    • Z5: 32m (30.8%)
  • Intensity: 84% (complex formula used to calculate this number).
  • Normalised: 221W, is the planned Normalised Power for the workout**
  • Average: 189W, is the planned Average Power for the workout**
  • Variability: 1.16, is the planned Variability (NP/AP) for the workout**
  • Work: 1181kJ, is the amount of total work done (1kJ = 1000Ws).
  • Work>FTP: 553kJ, is the amount of work done above the set FTP.

Click on the day for the chosen activity, then select the workout type, eg. Run, Ride, Swim, etc.

Enter the workout description, eg. 4x8m threshold
The colour can change based on your preference.
The date can be changed if you clicked on the wrong day when adding the entry.
An optional time can be used
Type: Ride, Run, Virtual Ride, Swim, etc.z
Duration and Load can be entered here, if known, or the steps in the next section can calculate it for you.

There are two ways to build a workout:

  1. Learning the code/lingo used
  2. Using the ADD STEP method

More information to follow soon…

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I’m struggling to see where to change the time in zones on the Calendar page to HR. Can anyone help? Many thanks!

In settings, you set the priority to determine load. Based on that selection, the TIZ in the summary will show.

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Awesome! Many thanks for coming back to me so soon.

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