Localisation of Intervals.icu

I am busy making Intervals.icu support languages other than English. I have started with all the static text (labels, buttons etc.) and will do a first pass with Google Translate. All of this will be published in a public Github repo soon. The Google Translate stuff needs some attention:

“Add filters to choose activities to use for the plot”: “Ajouter des filtres pour choisir les activités à utiliser pour l’intrigue”

I suspect that “l’intrigue” is not the correct French word for “plot” in this context :slight_smile:

So if you are keen to help with this please let me know and I will enable the i18n support for you in the next couple of days. I don’t want to turn it on for everyone until the translations are not completely bad!

Also propose languages …


If you provide template or any kind of instruction how to proceed with the translation, i can help/check/translate polish language np! and will be happy that i can help :wink:

Same with french :slight_smile: with pleasure

I’m happy to do Dutch translation

Ok for a review of French labels :slight_smile:

you could also use deepl, better with contexts than google translate

for example, you want to translate in french
"Add filters to choose activities to use for the plot", preceed it with a context information, like “in graphics” , so the full string to translate will be :
"in graphics, Add filters to choose activities to use for the plot"
deepl will translate in french :
"dans les graphiques, Ajouter des filtres pour choisir les activités à utiliser pour le tracé".

so yes, tracé is the good translation for plot in this context :wink:

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Tx guys and thanks for the tip about deepl. It’s going to be a few days before this will be live. Still busy extracting all the strings.

I am happy to check German


More than happy to help translate into Portuguese. Already have a GitHub account for other projects and very comfortable to use it.

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Same for Portuguese if required.

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I am in no way fluent but can help in Italian unless someone better cones along!


One more that can help with Portuguese translation :wink:

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I’d also be happy to help with German!


Thx everyone. This is progressing but is a big job. Up to more than 1300 keys now.

Here is the project on GitHub: GitHub - davidtinker/intervals-i18n: Localisation files for Intervals.icu

Better to wait until I have finished extracting keys before fixing translations though.


Can we change the site language to our language so it will be easier to find bad translations and fit some translations in context?

Yes I have already done that but its not live yet. You will also be able to upload language files from your computer so see everything in place.

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I just started to check the german translation.
In German we have - just like in French - two different forms of salutation (I hope this is the correct word in English :sweat_smile: ). “Sie”, which is more polite and mainly used if people do not know each other (or do not know each other well), in business contexts etc.
The second one is “Du”, which is used among friends, sometimes work colleagues that you have a friendly relationship with, children etc.

In sports for almost all people “Du” is totally fine, so my personal preference would be to use “Du”.
But I wouldn’t want to decide on my own.

There is also the possibility to create two translations for German, one would be called “Deutsch (Sie)” and the other one “Deutsch (Du)”. That is already common practice in some software.


i’m working on the french translation, letters A to D are ready
I’ll send a pull request this evening.

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I’m Italian, can take a look too. I don’t have a lot of time nor I am familiar with github, but will check. Context for the labels is crucial for a lot of translations, so I’m waiting to see language selection in the site.

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I am happy to go with your personal preference for “Du” :slight_smile: This is already a big project without having to maintain two German translations.