iOS and Android app for Data

Hi averyone,

I’ve been using for the last year and loving everything that it has compared with other projects. I’m a software engineer and created this simple web version to get your fitness at first glance in The app allows seeing your Fitness, Fatigue, and Form.

Right now it’s only the web version, I need some feedback on what to improve for you to enjoy it
This is a multiplatform project, meaning the same app can be bundled and released on other platforms like App Store and Google pay, but first I would just love to hear from you

Here is how it looks right now, I know I need to train more :sweat_smile:

Update Sept 1st:

Update Sept 24th:
Added possibility to add Feel and Perceived Exertion to your activities

I created a new view, still needs UI improvements but I want to keep pushing updates to give you more data/value
The left one is for the Fitness, Fatigue, Form charts
The one on the right is for specific data, I’m thinking on 1s, 5s, 60s, 5m, 10m and ftp power + weight and other data that doesn’t really need to be displayed in a chart form at a first glance. I’m planning on adding the possibility to update your FTP, WPrime and Weight from that screen


Nice. What is the benefit of this over just setting as a bookmark or the default browser page?

Actually, the idea is to have this as a native application, Android and iOS. Those versions are coming soon
Also, the idea is to have a quick sneak peek of your current fitness

Apart from this, I would try to focus on other stats/screen that are most valuable at first glance

As I said, I find it more useful when it gets into the native version

Thanks for taking a look!

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Would your app be able to see the workout uploaded from today, and then be able to update the data that would be completed in the Activity tab? Let’s say something similar to the TrainingPeaks app (see image below). If yes, my athletes certainly would benefit from this. Some of them are IT-challenged, even with a shortcut on the Home Screen. Having to navigate to the activity seems to be the challenge.

Fields that I feel could be updated, are:

  • Feel
  • RPE
  • Ride comments
  • Show a summary of planned vs actual, and perhaps update the planned, if it’s not showing.

This should be displayed after workout is completed, right?
This should be possible if it’s already possible in interval, I would take a look

Actually I’m working on a “workout of the day” functionality which would give you either a random workout to do or your today’s workout

Yes, after the workout is uploaded

Having read this post, I think there could be a few other key metrics that could be displayed on a summary page.

In WKO5, they have summary info in the hero bar, which lists (in Intervals’ terminology):

  • eFTP

  • TTE

  • Tmap

  • VO2max

  • Fitness

  • Fatigue

  • Form

  • Rider profile

Example below.


Ok, so you mean adding this extra data to the home screen of the app ? so you get more than just the form, fitness and fatigue?
Let me try to acomodate this info and see what I already have from the api

Yes, having a summary of key information as well as the ability to update key metrics (as mentioned before).

Happy to help lay it out in graphical/visual layout and seeing what is possible from there. I’m not a developer, so not sure what’s possible, but I like that you can possibly create this; inspired by what other apps/websites offer and seeing how this can be linked to the Intervals data.

I’ll try to add eFTP, VO2Max tonight since this data is already there
I’ll add current weight into the settings page, read-only now, but will give the possibility to update from there by the end of week

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@david From where can I get the current vo2max? Should I iterate thru all the workouts and get the last value?

The VO2max I was referring to, in my post, was the one in the best power table on the power page. That’s where TTE, MAP, Tmap, etc.

I don’t think there’s value in having this change based on the period selected, and could possibly be the info in the column 84 days.

I added a few extra fields under a new screen, I still need to refine the layout and styling, but I just want to keep giving you more value with this app
I’m still exploring the interval API to understand from where pull what data
Can you please tell me what values would make sense in this specific new screen? I think I can also add the power curve here

I sent you a private message of the screens as I see it.
If you think it’s possible, then I’m sure you can share it.

Try this:

GET /api/v1/athlete/2049151/power-curves?type=Ride&curves=84d

That will get you the power curve using the most recent 84 days of data.


Thanks @pmcarlos , can I change the Color’s between optimal training area and overload ?

How would it be exactly? do you mean in the form chart? (the one at the bottom)
would you like to change the threshold values?

Quick Update: Now you can add your Feel and RPE for every activity


This is awesome! I like the idea of having somewhere to quickly see my fitness and form. It would be nice of the charts had some detail on the left axis explaining what we are looking at, if you know what I mean!

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Nice job! Tks

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