Dropbox support

Intervals.icu can now download activity files from Dropbox and upload incoming activity files to Dropbox Note that this excludes Strava as Strava doesn’t supply the original files and this would be against their API terms of service.

Look for the Dropbox box in /settings and click “Connect”. This will transfer you to Dropbox grant Intervals.icu read access to your Dropbox files.

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 18.04.40

When you come back to Intervals.icu you can click “Add Folder”:

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 18.05.23

Only fit, gpx, fit.gz and gpx.gz files modified on or after the date in the bottom left hand corner will be downloaded. Additional file formats will work in future (specifically tcx).

When you have added a folder you will see something like this. Click the folder name to edit the date, view recent activity or delete it (unlinks it from Intervals.icu).

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 18.15.22

Click the “Upload” button to select an upload folder. You will need to grant Intervals.icu write access first.

All incoming activity files (from Garmin and elsewhere) will be copied there in compressed (.gz) format. Note that deleting an activity on Intervals.icu will also delete the corresponding activity file from your Upload folder. So the Upload folder is essentially a backup of all your activity files separate from Intervals.icu.

The red “unlink” icon will disconnect Intervals.icu from Dropbox.


Dropbox uploading also works for older activities? Is it only for the new?

It is only for new activities. I am going to add bulk download for activity files soon so then you can just copy those to dropbox.

Awesome! Thank you David, this is definitely good for Wahoo users like myself

I am going to make it auto upload all your old activities when you add the folder.

Thanks for this. Fantastic.

I have noticed most requests for 3rd party access to your Dropbox only requests access to 1 folder. This might be a better (make people happy (privacy and security) and less of a chance of something going wrong on your end that affects user’s Dropbox).


I realised that I could have had a 2nd Intervals.icu Dropbox app for the uploads only after getting all of this working. So I will likely leave it as it is for now. The code is very safe in that it only write files with names based on the activity id and only to the configured folder.

Great ! Now we just need some automated mechanism to get Zwift .fit files to Dropbox.

Until that occurs (very unlikely - I guess??), I suppose the fastest way still is to import Zwift files by manual upload per single activity?

Have a look at Tapiriik. If you sync Zwift with one of the apps on their you should then be able to sync that to dropbox (I think!)

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I have just deployed an update: Adding an upload folder will upload all of your existing activity files. If you have already added an upload folder and want this behaviour then delete it on Intervals.icu and re-add it.

The files are now named with the date, activity type and activity id:

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Yes. You can also drag and drop multiple files at once onto the Upload dialog. You could also link a Dropbox folder to Intervals.icu and copy them there.


Thanks for this! It is super easy to sync my Wahoo activities!


Yep this is great, I’ve disconnected my Strava sync now

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I’ve reconnected my Strava sync as some previous rides were not showing for some weeks so I was getting gaps on my fitness chart and in the calendar. How are existing Strava rides handled? Have they been downloaded to Intercals.icu?

You might have some gaps. If you click “Refresh” on the fitness chart it will try fill those in.

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Are there plans to add support for .TCX files on this?

I just disconnected Strava only to find out I’m not getting power data for most of my rides because they’re .TCX files. Rookie mistake, should’ve checked first, but wondering if I should reconnect Strava in the meantime or if TCX is coming soon.

Yes I am going to support TCX soon but you should probably turn Strava back on for now.

Very nice, have been able to unlink Strava so you’re getting all my raw data.

One question, or an observation maybe, the files TrainerRoad drop into Dropbox has the workout name in it but it’s showing as lunch ride in my history here. Is there any setting that needs changing on my end?

I had a look at your most recent TR ride … is this the filename “firemunki-2021-04-27-san-joaquin-5-108707344.fit”? What part of that is the name of the workout? There is nothing in the actual file. Tx.

Hi @david it’s San Joaquin-5.

I think it would need some unpleasant regex (ugh) so nothing major!