Upload workouts to Dropbox for Zwift etc

Intervals.icu now supports uploading planned workouts to Dropbox folders. This one way to get workouts from your Calendar into Zwift.

You will need to connect Dropbox first if you haven’t already and grant write access to your folders. You can have many upload folders (e.g. for different file types and applications).

You can choose from ZWO (Zwift), FIT, MRC, ERG and JSON file formats and how many days of workouts should be uploaded. Old workouts are automatically deleted when they are “past days” in the past. The files are named using the name of the workout, " i" and the Intervals.icu ID. Files that match this pattern that are no longer on your calendar will be deleted.

You can follow these instructions on Windows to get Zwift to look for custom workouts in your Dropbox folder: Backing up and syncing your Zwift custom workouts on Windows | Zwift Insider

Note that if you are using an iPad or other device the Windows/Mac sync can be used to get workouts onto those as well.

On a Mac your Zwift workout folder is: ~/Documents/Zwift/Workouts/{your Zwift ID) e.g. ~/Documents/Zwift/Workouts/2752090

Make sure Zwift isn’t running. Then copy everything in this folder to your Dropbox folder and delete it. Might be a good idea to also copy the folder itself somewhere else as a backup.

Then open a terminal and do (replace 2752090 with your Zwift ID) :

cd ~/Documents/Zwift/Workouts/
ln -s ~/Dropbox/Zwift_Workouts/ 2752090

Put some workouts on your calendar:

They should show up in the Dropbox folder after a few seconds. Now run Zwift:

If you add new workouts you might need to restart Zwift to see them.

Note that if you also use Zwift on iOS or other devices Zwift cloud sync will make the workouts show up there as well. So even if you don’t use Zwift on a Mac or Windows computer you can download and install the app just to enable Dropbox sync.


How do you create the littel ramp at the start of those activites? It’s a ramp but doesn’t seem to be broken into different intervals?

-5m ramp 50-60%

is that what you’re after?


That’s it!!

Well this is absolutely incredible!! Thank you :smiley:

Do you know if it’s possible to add the text prompt through intervals workout builder?

The text needs to show before the duration, eg.

  • Use this time to control your breathing 10m ramp 50-70% 85-95rpm

The text between “-“ and 10m will show up on screen, but you can’t offset the time to show after a minute, or perhaps closer to the next interval.

I have used https://zwofactory.com/ to learn/understand how the workout structure links together.


Ahh you are my hero! Fantastic - thank you!

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That’s amazing, thanks!

First please excuse my English, i am French :stuck_out_tongue:
Really good solution but i couldnt manage to automatically synchronise dropbox with Ziwft folder.

Today i found another solution to easily upload workout on zwift :

  • Create your workourt with interval.icu
  • Download .ZWO file
  • Create a workout on Trainer Day (free to use) with the .ZWO
  • Add your workout to Trainer Day calendar
  • Sync your TD with trainingpeaks
  • Sync Zwift with trainingpeaks

Awesome, works a treat so no more excuse to skip a Zwift session :slight_smile:

Are there plans to add the date or some other identifier like “today” to the title? Usecase would be to identify todays workout from the list when syncing e.g. the next seven days?
Workaround for now is to set previous and upcoming to 0 which works for me.

Edit: future days has to be 1 which will sync today and tomorrow. So some indication would be helpfull.


Possibly one of the best updates ever!

Thank you.

This would be super useful.

I did include provision for changing the filename format but left it out in the end to get something out the door. I will revisit that.

Forgive me stupidity but I’ve managed to set up the dropbox folders and my weekly workouts are appearing as I would expect. But how do I link that dropbox folder to Intervals? This is the bit that I seem to be struggling with. I would find this most helpful.

Ignore me I’ve managed to sort it

I tried this method but for some reason the shortcut is not working on the MAC,
I moved the files to dropbox and used the exact method as above, but when I start zwift the folder is filled with the documents from the cloud and not checking the dropbox folder, any ideas?

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Do those documents from the cloud end up in Dropbox?

no they fill the normal workouts folder, it looks like the shortcut is not working correctly

@david, tested the zwift sync and works perfect! Small UI thing: when there is no folder in the root of dropbox, the configuration modal is empty which is a bit confusing. Maybe add a root folder / or a message linke “Confirm to start sync”.

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So you upload directly into the root of your dropbox?

I had not created any sub folders before connecting so dropbox was completely empty. I only use it for intervals.icu. Afterward i created a subfolder and reconfigured the connection. Don’t think uploading in root is really a use case but people (me) do strange things :slight_smile:

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