Import HRV4training data from Dropbox

You can now import data from HRV4Training via Dropbox:

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 10.50.07

Choose the wellness items you want to import. The subjective measures (soreness etc.) are translated from HRV4Training’s 10 point scale to 4 point scale. The file is automatically re-imported whenever it changes.

Tx @Maciek_Goraczka for helping with this feature!


This is great!

However I see an error message when I try to make the connection. Anything I can do to fix it?

HRV error

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Thanks, it worked very smooth.

I just have a doubt if Resting HR should be the one from HRV4 or from Garmin, what would be the most accurate.

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When defining the location of the file, you can then choose exactly which value types you would like to synchronize. When using Garmin I suggest you uncheck resting HR and sleep.

Not working for me. I am getting the same error message as Beire.

It seems the hrv4training file isn’t consistent with dates. However the failing dates have time and timezone so I should be able to handle both. With sort out tm.

The date thing is a bit weird - A few weeks ago (soon after I started using Intervals) I imported some HRV4Training data, and had to manually edit the date column of the csv file. It was clearly odd, and you could see that when opening the file in Excel. Since David implemented import of HRV4Training, my Intervals data have updated OK every morning, but the date field has been unambiguous - Day >12.

Not working for me either.

The dates in your file look like this: 2020-05-02 06:55:09 +0000

Do you do your measurements around 7am mostly? I am trying to figure out if that date really is in UTC (+0000 timezone) or if it is actually a local date.

The date/time is a local date/time, I indeed do my measurements around 7AM. (I’m in CEST currently)

Also, it seems that when I sync my data from the app, it writes a new file to the dropbox folder, instead of updating the existing one. So to capture new data, Intervals should look for the most recent file in the folder instead of looking into the same file each time. (See screenshot below.) I’m on iPhone in case that would help.

My export file from today has these values:

2021-20-10 07:22

I’m in UTC/GMT +2 hours zone (Munich). 7:22 was my correct local time when I was doing the measurement.

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Works for me

It doesn`t work. Additional every measurement generates a new file.

I have fixed the date parsing for files from the iPhone app and new _myMeasurements.csv files will be picked up.

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Do you have to manually export every day ?

The HRV4Training import has worked for me each morning since 18th October, using an Android phone. It will be interesting to see if David’s import will work on 1st November, which might be an ambiguous date to import. Many dates weren’t unambiguous when I manually imported the csv file a few weeks ago.

HRV4Training overwrites the csv file in my Dropbox each morning after I take a reading.

For me (iPhone), this seems to be the case. But might differ by OS maybe?

Anyway: import into works perfectly now! Thanks David!

Just hooked up to HRV4training data. Seems to have worked well and pulled in a complete history going back to July. This is awesome, Intervals really is the central hub to pull all my different data sources together.


David, thanks a lot. The import is running fin now

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now working perfectly - thank you!

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