Fitness and fatigue for different activity types now supports control over how much training load from different activity types contributes to fitness and fatigue. This is useful for non-cardio activities like strength training with heart rate data. You no longer have to set the training load for these to zero to exclude them from the fitness chart. Activities with zero fitness contribution are also excluded from “time in zones” totals. This is controlled in /settings:

On the calendar view activities with reduced fitness contribution have the original load shown in brackets:

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 07.05.43

The box that pops up when you click the training type under the load number for an activity has a note:

So doing a lot of gym and so on will no longer cause your training for the week to be categorised as “base”.


Amazing! Great stuff bud!

Probably only one or two more small things that I’d need to fully give up on TrainingPeaks. However - mostly they’ll likely be API integrations - which would be difficult until Strava starts drawing said information in the first place.

@david I looked all over, but could not find info on the following: Is there a way to exclude running from my fitness? I cycle and run, but I only really care about my cycling fitness. However, when I run it “artificially” inflates my fitness. Sorry if this was already mentioned and I did not find it. Thanks!

You should be able to add “Run” to this chart in settings:

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