Sync Withings weight with Intervals

Hello Intervals community,

I would like to sync :

  • My “Withings” data as weight for example
  • My “Suunto” data as resting HR

I do not really understand how to deal with API.
Can someone explain me how to deal with it ?

Thank you in advance,

There is a thread here dedicated to API. You might find the answer you’re looking for there but if not then check back and hopefully someone can help you out

And this page

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For Withings you can try Fitnesssyncer:

Suunto likely requires work inside of Unfortunately when I first did the integration they didn’t support wellness updates.

Think Google Fit will do the job too for Withings, that’s how I do it for my Eufy scales

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… or the way via MyFitnessPal to Garmin

that somehow stopped working for me about a month ago - also it would only sync the weight, not the body mass and other readings

Edit: I’m referring to the MyFitnessPal integration

I use a WiThings Scale that syncs to Strava, FitBit->Zwift, MyFitnessPal->Garmin etc.

My ride today showed up with a weight in kg, but Intervals is reporting it as Pounds which is really messing with my w/kg charts… I know how to change today’s weight. But I don’t know which source it came from to report that the API appears to have changed perhaps to default to metric units? @david

Update: I see it is wrong in Strava as well, which is likely the source here I guess, but now to figure out where that got it from.

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I’m currently using an Android App FitToFit to sync my Whithingsdata (weight, %bodyfat) to
Withings → FitBit-> (FitToFit)-> GoogleFit-> :see_no_evil:


in this other thread I posted a link to a python script on GitHub, for anyone wanting to go straight from the Withings API into the Intervals API without any other component in between. All you’d need is some machine running this python script either manually after weight measurements or like daily at a specifc time.

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Getting some progress in getting Data from Withings. (I don’t personally have this scale, so I’m manually populating dummy data and trying to read it back)

Still some ways to go…

Progression… Sync is working…
Withings → BreakAway →

Multiple readings in the same day will be collated and averaged prior to syncing to

I have IFTTT which I have configured to sync Withings to Strava, then Intervals picks my weight from Strava.


You have a github repository on which you host your code? I’d like to learn how you work with it.

This is my current project, syncing weight from withings to, strava and Wahoo.

looks like you found your error in the other thread.
I’m just using the examples withings provided to get the data.

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This feature is now available.

Sidenote: in Apple Universe, withings does/can write to Health. And HealthFit does autosync this data to….


Is it possible to connect the Bluetooth impedance balance also from other brands? (Renpho)

er… off the bat, I would say “no” as I don’t have the scale. ;-p
But I can take a look / research about it… does it have a web interface like withings?

it has a very good dedicated app, which collects a lot of specific data.
and I must say I feel very good about the physical/health data.
if you mean a dedicated website, I don’t know, because I didn’t need it, the app is more than sufficient

the way to get the data from other scales is

  1. they offer an API (via a website like withings or Garmin connect etc)
  2. They offer a way to connect to the scale like the way can connect to a power meter.