Virtual cycling apps

Hi folks.
At present am using Perfpro training app. But as I go into longer endurance training sessions this winter in preparation for an event in June 2023 I’m just wondering about other available apps.
OK, let me explain my needs first.
I want to do my own tailor made structured workouts, eg hold a specific HR/wattage over a specific timescale, interval and strength sessions.
I don’t want elevation on these sessions or at least ability to turn it off.
At present, I can overlay a film or video of some sort with Perfpro but to be honest, that isn’t terribly successful.
I know that apps like Fulgaz, Rouvy etc do great video rides, but does anybody know if you can create workouts on any of these apps and overlay it on a ride video instead of just following the workout screen?
Hope this makes sense.

Apps in this thread helps?

I used to use BigRingVR: great videos, and it can play your workouts. I dropped them after a bad experience with their client support, but the app per se was really good. You can still try it, they have a 14 days trial.

I know most of them app4g, but it the functionality I’m after. That is to say the ability to create and do a workout whilst seeing the road ride video, not just the workout bars.

why can’t you have both? I know some people are using things like TrainerRoad, (controlling the Trainer) and also running Zwift in parallel and just “enjoy the view” in Zwift.

I’m guessing that you want to see the workout “intervals” within the ride video… I’ve not used other apps beside Zwift, so I only know that app will work on what I think you’re asking for.

addition - you want REAL videos? not zwift cartoons?

Ah, I had forgotten about BigRingVR. Just listened to a review of it on Youtube and it sounds as if it can do what I am looking for. Thanks for the tip :grinning:

Yep, great app!

this shows rouvy supports workouts

Just FYI, My BreakAway App, for structured workouts, you can do

  • Hold specific HR (power will auto adjust based on the requested HR - like a structured workout, using HR)
  • you can also mix ERG power mode and Slope Mode in an ERG + SLOPE mode workout.

Possible budget option.

When I paused my zwift account over summer I actually had good success just controlling the trainer with either my garmin watch or wahoo head unit. Then just pop youtube on.


I too was looking at budget options, Zwift is too expensive (bad exchange rate which has gotten even worst now) and if my garmin was able to control my trainer, it’s likely that i wouldn’t have needed to develop the BreakAway App :slight_smile:

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It’s not so much a budget option, because Perfpro is excellent for that, a one time lifetime subscription. Its the possibility of seeing a ride video but at the same time doing my own created workout.
I’ve just tested BigRingVR but the free version doesn’t seem to want to play ball. I can do a free ride but its not letting me import a workout.

BigRingVR does what I want.
I can create a workout. Import it into BRVR choose a ride video and
“Bobs your uncle and Sally’s your aunt” the workout shows on the bottom of the screen and ride on top. I can also choose slope (or whatever you want to call it) mode or ERG.

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I use Zwift, TrainerRoad and FulGaz. In all three you can create and import workouts. My preference is TrainerRoad for workout design, and since I find TrainerRoad intervals a bit tedious, I often run TrainerRoad (controlling the turbo) alongside FulGaz videos.

Good you’ve found your solution, though!


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In the past I have used Trainerroad, Sufferfest and Zwift. Of the three I preferred Sufferfest. Anyway, giving BigRing a go and see if I like it.

Yeah, if I remember, you can configure the app so that it controls your HT, so you will feel the virtual slopes, but you will still be able to follow your workouts on the screen. Or you can set the min and max gradients of your routes, to make your workouts do-able on that profile (for ex. when I knew I had to push some watts, going downhill was not an option, so I limited the downhill to 0%; or if I had to do “easy” rides, I would limit the max uphill gradient to 3-4-5% depending on the expectations).

MyWhoosh is another option for virtual worlds and works in a similar way to Zwift with respect to in game workouts (and it’s currently free).

Yes I’ve seen whooosh, but its not what I need. Think I am choosing BigRingVR

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Another solution ist to use TrainerDay. It is a huge training database with a great option to design your own training an then export es to different platforms. If you export your Training to TrainingPeak ist automaticaly passed through to other programs like Rouvy as the workout of the day. You just have to connect the apps once and then never bother again, not even open Trainingpeak. you can aswell use Trainerday for your workout itself (it shows a little bit as Trainerroad).

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Xert does this. They are called “Sessions” and they can be done solo or in a group even.

@Stephen_Humlen-Grins: I use FulGaz for my indoor training. It has really great videos of actual rides submitted by users and carefully edited after.
It is easy to create workouts in zwo [], to upload them into FulGaz and then to use them to run sessions or control the trainer while following the video.