Apps for smart trainer

Tips on smart trainer training apps that interface with intervals and work on android and ios?


indoor cycling workout for android works for me. simple design, maybe not the priettiest app out there but just works. I use it to ride a planned workout from a mrc file downloaded from intervals and control my trainer. I record my ride with wahoo bolt. it is android only, for ios there is an app in development somewhere on this forum

There’s Breakaway from @app4g on this forum. iOS only
TrainerDay for both Android and iOS at a minimal cost.
I’m not aware of others that provide some way of interfacing with intervals.


I’ve been surprised at how well my garmin watch has been at controlling the trainer. Workouts from Intervals sync so nicely too. Worth considering if you have one.

I have a wahoo computer but sadly still manual AFAIK


Thanks I proceeded with Trainerday. I have a room with 4 reels and I need an app that can manage any operating system. Breakaway is also great but it is only for apple, if I am an athlete with android I would not know how to do it.

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This has been posted before - web based browser app -

Not used it but could be a good solution for some.


It’s a nice app but

  • no direct interfacing to intervals. Might be easy to setup with Dropbox though.
  • Not guarantied to work on iOS and limited to certain browsers

Unfortunately, there is no direct integration with You can import via strava.


Great choice imo. TrainerDay has a lot to offer for workout building, indoor riding, and planning. Tons of workouts in their library as well

TrainerDay looks fab! Did anyone get it working to sync a workout from TD into Intervals?

I’ve done this (and actually do it with all my workouts and training plans). It’s super easy.
In your settings, click “apps and devices”

and connect with Intervals.ICU

Then, all your workouts you can simply click “Send To” then “”

You can also send weeks of your plans. For example, you can choose your weeks by selecting (may need to hold ctrl or shift) and then click “To Intervals”. All workouts will be on IntervalsICU within a few seconds


Ooh that is super useful! By doing this will that mean when I complete a workout it’ll upload to intervals too and include power, hr data etc?

@david Have the whoosh people said anything to you?

I don’t think so, not yet at least. I use Strava with Intervals so I have mine export from Trainer Day to Strava to Intervals. I think it should be possible though to go from TrainerDay to Interval, since Intervals has FIT import available as of 2 weeks ago.

@Alex_VanLaningham is a great point of contact for TrainerDay stuff (as he is the owner :slight_smile: ). They also have a forum: and would be worth making a feature request for this

If you have a power meter , no matter what app do you use to control your trainer, you can always start a ride on your bike computer just to record all data and sync with and other platforms just as you usually do after each outdoor ride.


Unfortunately I don’t! I only have a Garmin Venu 2 watch and elite zumo trainer. So I’m trying to work out the best route!

I don’t use trainerday, but checked the app and it syncs with dropbox. syncs with dropbox for sure. So I’m almost sure that if you connect both ends to the dropbox account it should sync. (but as I said, you have to check, i’m not 100% sure which way trainerday syncs wkth dropbox).

For activiities, you can setup both apps in Dropbox or via Strava.
TrainerDay has no FIT output, only TCX, but Intervals is perfectly able to pick up the tcx from Dropbox.
For Workouts you can setup the direct link Intervals-Trainerday (separate workouts and/or calendar). Check the setup page for both and you should be able to do it.

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Thanks Jeremy and @MedTechCD :slight_smile: Yes I think using Dropbox or Strava in the middle work great. If this becomes a problem we could consider a direct integration.

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Thank you so much both! This is super helpful - I’m going to do some tests!