Virtual cycling apps

Do you know if there is a way to bulk upload workouts to TrainerDay like you can for Intervals? Or failing that, can you transfer in bulk from Intervals to TrainerDay if you have a sub for one or both?

Thanks Michael.
I’m doing the 14 day free trial now on both Fulgaz and BigRing VR. Both do what I wanted.
So far BigRing seems to connect quicker and more stable to my Wahoo kickr, but Fulgaz seems to have a litte more functionality although this is difficult to compare as BRVR doesn’t allow full functionality with the free trial.

Thanks Derk, but I can do that with Perfpro. I’m trying the free trails of Fulgaz and BigRing VR now which seems to give me what I am looking for.

I have been using golden cheetah for years. Works great and free.
Otherwise as you say bigring is a great alternative if you would like to pay.

Yes, Golden Cheetah is a fine option, however I find it a little too complicated. Think I’ll be using Fulgaz or BigRing for a while at least.

Agree however I used to write my structured plans in golden. But there are so many other editor programs today that works great. Greetings from a snowy landscape. :snowflake:

I have used GC but like Perfpro which is similar but easier to use. I’m now going into longer endurance training so just felt like using an app that I could see the road in front of me whilst at the same time doing my own structured workout.
Snowy landscape, sounds like you are in Scandinavia. I’m in Norway, snow in some parts here, but not where we are at present. Forecast snow sometime next week though :cold_face:

All the features you want are offered by for only 1.96 USD per month.
You can create your own workouts and combine them with your own or predefined race videos and / or suitable music for the cadence.
The Software is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire… all units are of course snychonized with :wink:


Rouvy allows you to select any route video with their workout section.

And give you calculated “distance” and “climbing” for that workout.

That link or website doesn’t seem to exist?

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the link you posted is missing a T

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Looks interesting will have a try and see :grinning:

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Yes, looks like it has som nice features. Especially being able to upload gpx files, thats a nice touch.

Thank you very much! :heart:
I have adjusted the URL in the posting

never tried ictrainer.
gpx need a very good smooth algorithm in order to run on trainers.
Have people used already?

Just downloaded and connected ICTRAINER.
First impressions are that it is impressive.
It wouldn’t connect via ant+ so purchased a Bluetooth adaptor and everything connected without any problems. I have noticed on a tutorial video on Youtube they mention Ant+ so perhaps I was doing something wrong there.
Many routes with corresponding videos to choose from which seem to be able to be done in either SIM or ERG mode.
I uploaded a GPX file of 210km ride I did in June synced with no problem at all.
Cosmetically, perhaps a little old fashioned to look at but, hey, for under €2 a month who cares.
Should also mention, it connects to ALL major training apps such as Garmin, Strava, TrainingPeaks etc.
I will review it again after I have done a proper workout session with it. :heart_eyes:

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RGT may be worth a look - It is half the cost of Zwift, I think. Subscription gives you access to Wahoo System. There are lots of workouts in the system already. You can also design your own workouts in zwofactory and import them. Then set up your own training sessions. This is what I do. There are a variety of routes to train on.

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I use Bkool and absolutely you can create your workouts and videos. Also you can upload any route and videos with their free tool.

Also you could use wahoo systm

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Sorry no, only one at a time but we should add bulk upload to TrainerDay.

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