The coach's tick

Sometimes when reviewing sessions completed by an athlete, there isn’t really much need to comment, but I would like them to know I’ve seen it. The same goes for if they leave notes. Would it be possible to have a simple tick that you can apply against a calendar entry?


Thinking about this again - can we like or heart another person’s activity? (coached athletes in my case, but could be an athlete you follow)

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I like this idea, and although I think it is not critical, I think it would be very nice to have. I would actually add a bit to it:
It would be great to be able to “grade” the workouts of coached athletes. Maybe using something similar to the smiley scale for Feel, so you can grade the workouts as something like:

  • Amazing job
  • Good job
  • Seen
  • Not great
  • WTF did you do? I told you to do 2h at 150 W, why did you do a 5h ride with a total of 2h30 at >250 W?

I will see what I can do. Nice idea.


Following up on this one, would still be great!

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