Coach Interaction

You should always get the notification. Are there some athletes you never get notifications for or is it hit and miss with the same athlete?

Not sure if it also happens as a hit and miss, but definitely some athletes I haven’t received notice. Also happens to one of my athletes, that he doesn’t get mail notification (I checked myself by replacing his mail by mine and sending texts via my account, nothing happened) :man_shrugging:t3:

Hey @david , any new information maybe why notification doesn’t work? I noticed as a pattern, that for the initial message I do not get a notification (meanwhile NEVER). But if I see the bubble-icon in the calender and reply I do get an email for the following athlete’s reply.

Hmm … Could you please msg me a link to the /settings page for the athlete you aren’t getting notifications from. I will check the mail logs and see whats up. Tx.
just two examples of many more - thank you for checking!!

Ah I understand now. You want to get an email notification when one of the athletes you coach comments on one of their own activities (without you already being in the conversation). I will add that.


@david yes, sry if I didn’t make that clear :sweat_smile:. that way I won’t miss any important comments of athlete’s if I don’t check on daily base :pray:t2:

Change for deployment Sunday AM (GMT+2): When an athlete comments on one of their own activities then all of their coaches are added to the chat and will receive notifications and so on.

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Awesome, thank you so much. Makes coaching life much better :slightly_smiling_face:

@david sry to bother you again. still doesn’t work for all athletes. some commented on their activities without me being notified…

I will have another look. The change I made only applied to the very first comment on a workout, not additional comments.

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That’s what I meant @david, some athletes commented on their workout (first comment) without me being notified (for some it does work and I get notification on first comment)

Is there a setting somewhere to enable/disable notifications or do they happen automatically for all athlete comments and messages?

There are some checkboxes in “Email Notifications” in /settings but if you haven’t turned those off it should happen automatically.

Hi all, im having the same problem, i get notified by one of them but no from the others

I will have another look at this.

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Hi @david !
regarding coach interaction, what could be nice to have is a notification when my coach adds a new workout in my schedule…

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Hi @david I think I only get notifications/email starting from the second comment (and third, fourth, etc.) of an athlete I coach on his activity. I don’t get any notification on the first comment, is that normal?

No it is supposed to work from the first comment. I am going to be revamping this side of soon (general notification’s for all sorts of stuff with drop drop and indicator in the UI) and then I will get to the bottom of this.

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Hi David, could this request be folded in to the same piece of work please? The coach’s tick

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