SETTINGS PAGE - a guide to getting started

In the guide, you will learn about the Settings page , and the features available.
Each section is covered in a separate post, so that any features relating to the specific section on this page can be updated accordingly.

Curious if someone knows how to push updates to W’ through the API. I’d like to automate this with a python script so my W’ stays up-to-date for each race without me having to manually enter changes in the value.

curl -u API_KEY:<YOUR_API_KEY> -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -X PUT -d ‘{“icu_w_prime”: 90000}’{activity_id}

this updates a particular activity… not sure if it propagates to /SETTINGS for sitewide

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is it a wellness setting?

yup… changing it on the LATEST activity will also update /SETTINGS to the same value.

So now to automate that: where do we get the latest calculation from?

Hi, I do not know how to populate the filed “HRRc FCmin”. The software has detected a drop of 39bpm on one of my activities, but the dialog box in the seetings page asks me for a value between 80 and 220, which is an absolute heart rate and not a relative, or a drop. Could you help out? Thanks very much!

To get the HRRc to show, you have to do an effort for >1-min above the value you insert in the field, you are questioning.

It doesn’t have to be your threshold HR, but this value is the one many would use. The HRRc value is then the number of beats dropped after you ended that specific “interval”.


  • I enter 170bpm in the field you ask about.
  • I do 5x4 min efforts
  • every time you go above 170, for more than 1 minute, it will calculate the value after 60 seconds of recovery.
  • The best value from those efforts is displayed (in the image below, it’s the first interval).

I had it wrong. I see now, thank you

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