Prompting for Wellness

I found this topic, but it’s 2 Years old now, so i start a new one, hope it’s right to do so.

Continuing the discussion from Wellness prompt, how does it work?:

Like to know if this is this still in development or do I need to adjust something somewhere? I’m not being prompted at the moment.

I wanted to do something like this myself. I contacted @pmcarlos (who wrote DailyTSS). I’d like to extend his App for something like this - that way you have a page to enter all sorts of wellness data. On the iPhone (on intervals) you’d have to scroll to the current day before you can input wellness. So if I can somehow extend DailyTSS I’d save a couple of clicks and scrolls (yes I’m lazy in the morning :sleeping:)

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I’m also looking at ‘time savings’ to collect all data.
This what I have done now:

The OCR on the phone works nicely but this method requires a daily run of an Excel file with vba scripts to make the API calls and the Excel Power Query to parse the data.
4 app pages to open on my phone and OCR, copy, paste to get the 32 wellness parameters in unstructured text. That comments section is pulled in the Excel with an API and filtered/parsed to be sent back as fields/custom fields with another 2 api calls. One for todays values (BP, HRV, Sleep) and one for the 24hr values that complete yesterday’s wellness section (Steps, Active Energy, Avg HR24hr)
As things move forward, I would replace the OCR by available api’s or csv export from the used apps.

Oh, didn’t know it. Had to search a little to find the URL…

That would be nice feature if you could enter your Wellnessdata in the morning routine! Currently I am also a bit lazy to enter all the data in the morning due to the scrolling and clicking. I like to change that.

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At the moment I enter steps (from Garmin) manually in my lunchbreak (for the day before).

I am however working on a firefox extension that crawls garmin data (the extension uses the existing session from me being logged into garmin, so no authentication stuff necessary). My plan is to just click onto the extension once a day and have the extension crawl the data of the last 2-4 days (so it get’s everything even if I forget on the weekends) and pushes it to the API.

Edit: having this data pulled by Intervals automatically would be awesome as well.

That was my intention. Have an app that both shows me a quick overview and is able to do all the data entering in the morning. That way all data is already there when I get to my big monitor to see more detailed data about workouts and training planning (which I never do on weekends - but I’d very much like to have wellness data for weekends :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

Edit: quick tip: on the settings page, there is a list of supported websites/apps that are integrated into intervals. That’s how I found the Site/WebAPP.

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What data would be the msot important to enter?
I haven’t been able to work on Progressive Web App (Android/iOS) for Data the past weeks but I can work on that specific feature
Just let me know what exact data you want to input, and where and how you do that currently in intervals site
A list of metrics would be helpful

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i think it would be cool, if you have an button to enter wellnessdata on startsite or every site.
Currently you can insert some Data for every Workout.
In Intervals you can edit/insert Wellnessdata for the whole day. There for you can click in the Calender on the dayly header.
Here are the standard-fields from intervals. But you can add own or community-fields for example “steps”
Some Data can be synced from other service like weight or sleep-score.(All values in screenshot are synced by me) So it would be nice if you can set which fields you like to see or which can be manually filled.

Or click on Add Calendar entry - wellness data which brings you to the same dialog on today’s date.

In that dialog, by clicking on Fields in the bottom, you can configure the available fields.
For consulting entered fields, you are better of with the calendar page. Click on Options, Wellness and modify the first line to configure what is visible on the calendar

Hi everyone, I have validated that this is possible to be done
If you had to choose 8-10 fields, which ones would be?
I need to hardcode fields for now, rather than letting you select which fields you want to display as inputs

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I don’t know what others track… for me it would be nice to have

maybe steps

Just in case you are feeling enthusiastic you can see which fields the athlete has selected to capture in the web app on the athlete object:

"icu_wellness_keys": ["weight", "soreness", "fatigue", "stress", "mood", "motivation", "injury", "comments", "MuscleMass"]

The ones that start with a capital (e.g. “MuscleMass”) are custom fields. Probably best to leave those out for now.

Resting HR
Sleep hours
Sleep Quality
Blood pressure

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For the latest updates, it’s always good to check the current status or release notes. If you’re curious about wellness app development or facing any challenges, this resource ( might provide some valuable insights and tips.

If I would like to extract my weight from the wellness prompt to use it in a custom field to record METintensity and METhours per activity how would I refer to it in the script?

So long I have managed to do it with my static weight:
mins = activity.moving_time/60
calspmin = activity.calories/mins
intensitymet = calspmin/1.2775
1.2775 is with a static 73kgs. But, I normally put on a couple of kgs during december and january and reach 70-71 during my peak in july through september.

If I could access the wellness weight it couldwork for anyone, I could share the custom field. BTW I do not know anything about javascript.
thanks in advance

Yes you can use the wellness object access weight and other wellness fields for the day of the activity:


You can also use activity.icu_weight. All the fields are described here:

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