Garmin Connect sync now supported

I am having a look at the dup problem now …

When did you do all of this? I have struggling to reproduce the problem. I delete a bunch of my own activities, reload from Garmin and Strava and the Strava ones get nuked as expected. There were some bugs in this area. I made the last change (dup detection now only looks and start and elapsed time) 3 days ago.

I am going to add an option to bulk delete activities with filter for source (Strava or Garmin etc.) to help resolve this issues.

On 25th of December. I think the dupes appeared in the last 2 or 3 days.

I just uploaded a ride and it is a dupe again.

I only deployed the “uploading dups undeletes” fix this morning.

You can use the new bulk delete option to get rid of the dups:

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Regarding this feature: To get left/right power balance (coming soon!) and other things (e.g. power meter used, HRV data) in the .fit files not provided by Strava.

My current data flow is simultaneously for indoor workouts:
Zwift(Game Data)->Garmin Connect->Strava
Zwift(Edge 830 Data)->Garmin Connect

My trainer (Neo 2T Smart) supports L/R power data (not phase). I do see the L/R power from the trainer in the Edge 830.

I might be incorrect, but my assumptions would be:
Trainer data from the Garmin Edge will have better power data, but incorrect distance.
Trainer data from Zwift will have accurate virtual distance, but less rich power data.

I believe my goal is to at least keep distance accurate on Strava and training data accurate on Garmin Connect (and which means I should delete the Zwift Game data from Garmin Connect(and subsequently from

Wow! Great that it’s possible directly from GC! This morning I switched from Strava to GC without problems… great!

But, I have a question regarding today’s training directly from GC which I am analyzing now regarding the total time and the data per lap.

In GC I have a total trainingtime of 55’20 and two laps: (1) 50’00 and (2) 5’21. In Strava this is also the case and these are the correct laps.

In it’s a bit different. The total time here is 54’57 and two laps: (1) 52’20 and (2) 5’17… so the total time differs from GC, but the total time also is not the total of the two laps. It looks like the latter is caused by a pause (I hit the pause button) for approx. two minutes. But, the average page, average heart rate etc is all influenced by this in the data per lap.

Is this a bug? Or is there a simple method to correct this?

The Garmin data should have priority over and replace the Strava data on So you can probably leave things as they are.

Could you please send me a link to the activity so I can have a look tx. doesn’t use the lap data from the .fit file (that Strava uses) because you can’t re-recreate those laps (intervals) from the underlying data and supports editing of Intervals.

Good morning:

I connected my Garmin account and disconnected Strava, but now I find that all of my WeightTraining sessions (in Garmin are Strength Training) are marked as a WALK and that’s affecting all of the fitness chart. Is there a way to import them again and not having to change them manually?


Are there any lags in syncing with the GC? I just finished training and wanted to watch it at and it is not here :frowning:

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It’s already here. You have to wait a bit, just in time for stretching and massage :slight_smile:

That file has sport name “Other” and sport and sub_sport both “generic” so defaults to “Walk”. I have changed that logic to use “Workout” instead if there is no GPS data. Bit of a hack but hopefully it works out. Will deploy Friday AM (GMT+2).

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Thank you very much David!!!

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I think Garmin just takes the activity/workout type and adds the location of the start/finish with GPS match. E.g Berlin Walk, Paris Ride, Capetown Swim.

What are the requirements around start time and elapsed time for detecting duplicates between Garmin and Strava? I have been trying to get to recognize some of my activities as duplicates but I had started my Garmin device shortly after Zwift, so the Strava activity from Zwift starts a few minutes prior to the Garmin activity.

It is currently within 1 minute. I could make that bigger. I was concerned there might be issues with people doing short warmups as separate activities and these getting picked up instead. Maybe 5 minutes? Presumably no-one logs a warmup that short.

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Thanks for this feature.
Any interest on integration with suunto?
On suunto forum developers are around :slight_smile:

Eventually I want to get activities from everywhere. However 1st priority needs to go to sites that already aggregate activities from multiple sources.

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