Garmin Connect sync now supported

Activities are automatically downloaded as needed (like for Strava) as you scroll back on the calendar page. New users can choose Garmin Connect sync in the signup process. Existing users can enable it in /settings:

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 13.03.28

For existing users only new activities will be downloaded. Click the date to change this.

Garmin Connect and manually uploaded activities will replace duplicate activities from Strava. The activity type, name, description, interval edits, power fixes, chat and so on are kept. Activities with the same start time, elapsed time and distance are considered duplicates.

If you want to get the Strava activity back you need to delete the Garmin activity (trashcan icon under the ride timeline chart) and undelete the Strava one (enable “Show deleted activities” in “Options” on the calendar page and click it).

There are a few reasons to use Gamin Connect or manual .fit file uploads instead of Strava sync:

  • To get left/right power balance (coming soon!) and other things (e.g. power meter used, HRV data) in the .fit files not provided by Strava.
  • To work around the Strava bug with privacy zones corrupting lap data,
  • To protect and gain full access to your data. can’t provide API access to data from Strava and is obliged to delete everything if Strava discontinues their API or revokes API access. If you revoke authorisation in Strava all your Strava data in must be deleted.

You will lose segments and any changes made in Strava (e.g. cropping). I will likely implement cropping in soon.

I still need to implement downloading manually created activities from Garmin Connect.


Question: will you support simultaneous uploads from Stava and Garmin? Having Garmin data in intervals will certainly be great (I’ve got Garmin Vector 2’s), but I use a Polar watch for running and swimming.

PS: is there a thread about the corrupted lap data on the forums? I’ve been manually editing badly detected intervals in my running workouts all this time

Yes you can have both enabled and duplicates are resolved in favour of the Garmin Connect activity. Note that only .fit files are supported at the moment.

There is a thread somewhere but basically if you have a privacy zone set in Strava it often returns bad lap data via the API.

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Dear @david,
what is your personal recommendation for a platform to sync all data? Today I am a Strava user without interest in a Pro membership. But I also don’t use Garmin devices but Wahoo and Stages devices. Does it make sense in the long-term to switch to Garmin and only run Strava for the social media aspect?
What is your opinion and how do you do it?

I have only used Garmin devices and all my data goes to Garmin Connect and from there to Strava. Now it can go directly to Strava isn’t the best store because the terms of service for their API basically say they can revoke access whenever and then you have to delete everything. As a user you can ask Strava to send you all of your data which is helpful.

I am keen to add other integrations and make the “place for all the data”. I have to store all of it anyway for analytics.

Wahoo are working on an API but supposedly it isn’t ready yet:

I have also contacted Zwift but no response.

If anyone has any contacts at any of these companies that would be helpful.

So for now as a Wahoo user your best bet is probably Strava.


Hi David,

Thaks a lot for this functionnality.
I am dreaming of the right/left graph !

It will be complicated to contact Zwift. Zwift is not listening to the community at all




Congrats on getting this out! I have one question: as a Garmin user I would have no issue unlinking intervals from my strava, but the one thing I like from there is that activity titles are copied and I can know well which is which. Will this work the same with the garmin integration?

I was having the same thought. Also, where a duplicate is detected it would still be good if the link to the Strava activity were available, even if the data for the activity in is from Garmin Connect.

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I just synced a Garmin Connect ride and the title and distance I had set (it was a trainer ride so I had to add distance to it) didn’t copy over to unfortunately.

Hopefully this is something that can be added at some point.


Hi, thanks for this new feature; i have enabled the garmin connect sync but now i have all data duplicated, How i can return at the only strava data?

Hi Alessanro,

In the settings, you can disable GC or Strava.



Hi, i have disabled but in the calendar chart i see all the activity from garmin connect, just any activity from strava, and in many days two activity.

I don’t know how @david developped this functionnality. Only him will be able to answer.

I currently only use GC instead of Strava. When i removed the strava link, every workout disappeared and only GC remains.
That may not be the same in the reverse order. Maybe GC data are not removed

The only mode is to delete one to one the garmin activity and restore the deleted strava activity…damn

Wait for David answer, he may help you.
To delete one by one thousands of activities is just not possible ^^

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So you want to keep the Strava activities? Currently Garmin Connect activities will replace Strava activities.

I see many of yours have similar time but not distance … I am relaxing the duplicate check to only consider the start time and elapsed time of the activity and not the distance.

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Hi David, i wish to keep the garmin connect activities but now, with zwift, many data, exemple the tss, don’t appearing on garmin and if i want this data i need to register the same workout with my garmin edge, in this last case will have 2 file with different km should work out the training load (TSS) for you and it should be very close to other services (assuming same FTP).

I’ve tried it and it does sync with garmin connect. However the names of the workouts aren’t synced: so it’s just lunch ride, morning ride, etc. Those are the original names of the workout which I change after with a more meaningful name for the workout.

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So I guess, garmin Connect users should switch to Garmin Connect integration and not REVOKE the strava access to avoid loosing all the previously downloaded data, right ?

And at some point if Strava suddenly revokes the API access to i.i we could download past activites from Garmin to replace the deleted activites and find back the power curves, totals, etc ?

Thank you for your work David and happy new year !!