Bulk delete activities

Update: This functionality has moved to the activity list view. You can filter for the activities you want to delete, pick individual activities etc…

You can now bulk delete activities on the calendar page (to get rid of dups or whatever). Click “Options”:

Choose a date range and click the “Add filter” button to filter for activities (e.g. from only Strava or Garmin Connect or different sports etc.):


Hi David,

Always a quick and good job :sparkling_heart:


Hey @david, first of all: great job. Really love intervals.icu!

How do I bulk delete planned workouts? Thanks a lot.

You can’t bulk delete planned workouts (yet) unless they were added from a training plan. For workouts added from a plan just try delete one of them and you will get the option to delete all the others that were added at the same time.

So if you are experimenting with plans it is a good idea to layout the workouts on a plan and drag and drop that to your calendar. Then you just have to delete one workout to get rid of all of them.

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Thanks for the hint, David. It indeed makes sense to just create a plan instead of adding single workouts.

Hi There ,

I am triying to bulk delete activities, but cannot fint the option mentioned above. Can you help?

Sorry I moved that to the activity list view. You can filter for the activities you want to delete and tick off individual ones if needed etc…

Thanks… appreciate that!

Hi David,

I use trainerday to push plans into intervals, would it be possible to see and and select planned workouts from the list view, that way you could bulk delete planned workouts that weren’t created from within the i.icu planner? Or maybe in the future could you push a trainerday plan to .icu as a plan rather than just calendar entries :open_mouth:


I have a grid view for planned workouts on the todo list hopefully I can get it done soon. The TrainerDay → Intervals.icu bit is done by TrainerDay.