Feature Request: Mini-Map

I dont often enter a descriptive name for my rides unless something significant happens on that ride. So (like many I imagine) I end up with a lot of “Morning Ride”, “Afternoon Ride”, “Evening Ride” on my calendar. My laziness makes it slower to find a past ride to reference as I have to click through a lot to get to Strava to identify the ride via the route. It would be great if the calendar view could contain a mini-map view of the route like the Strava Activity feed. This visual reference and recognition of the route would make it much faster to identify previous rides in the calendar view.

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I have to say I really like the clean and uncluttered view of the calendar, so something like this should be optional. If want to look at the route I just click on the strava link, super easy.


An option to hide/show would be preferable as I do appreciate the clean look also most of the time. The problem with just clicking the strava link is when you are trying to find that one ride you did in the middle of 10 other rides, you wind up clicking through 10 other rides and then having to click through and load all those strava rides also. If you could Show the mini map, see that one route, then click through to the analysis and be done. No reason to have to go all the way to Strava.

I have added “min map option” to the todo list. I do get map data from Strava so it should be possible.


There are going to be so many options you can add, delete, turn on, turn off, customise and whatever people find missing or useful, you’re going to run out of space and resources.

On a related note: I’m getting increasingly longer response times on both the regular site and the forum.


True dat

I am going to get a new faster server soon which will improve performance.


from garmin connect ,is that possible?:joy:

Probably. I have the geo data so presumably its not hard to encode that :slight_smile:

Maybe use https://www.cyclosm.org/ for the mini map in each activity

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