Feature Request: Mini-Map

As long as there is no solution, i am looking still to make an better workaround. Is there any possipility to put a link somewhere into the notes, tha will open when you click on it, or is it not forseen?

Independent of the segments… keep it simple…could you please put first a map (for example selectable via charts) below the the visible charts on an activity that we can select select a point in the chart and see at which point it was on the map and vice versa.

There is a link; it’s your source file and shows top right, just above the graphs. It shows as:

~ View on Garmin Connect
~ View on Strava


Thanks! With me it said only View on Strava. Did not know that it is Strava OR Connect.

If you are connected to Strava and Garmin then your Strava activities are replaced with the Garmin ones (name and some other settings kept). The ID of the Strava version is kept so you get links to both.

Was connected to both. It showed only Strava. Disconnected Strava GC shoed up. Its OK for me dont use Strava anymore.

Also shows ~ Uploaded, if the file was uploaded.

I am just getting to know Intervals.icu, like it so far much, but missing a map here (not just a mini map). I found a map especialy handy, when I was manualy creating intervals/ segments (and could see, where exactly start/end position was), which could be later filtered, searched and compared by assigned named (be nice, if added in icu in some time)


I’m although missing a map.
Sometimes it’s really handy to have a map to create a lap/interval.
Sure I can have a look at Strava/Garmin, but that’s really inconvenient

Today I just wanted to create two Intervals to check my output on these two parts.

With a colored map like you have at Garmin it would be really easy and handy.


I have started working on a map feature. So far have a floating map window that tracks the marker on the chart, zooms etc… None of this is live yet, just posting here for comments and suggestions.


This is excellent. Thanks for sharing David.

Are you settled on the floating window? It might be good if the map option when shown ‘slid out’ from one side of the page (similar to the notes box) splitting the activity page window in two essentially.

Would be good if there was a central slider that allowed you to drag the split left and right to resize the window for the activity graphs or map as you pleased.


Thats a good idea. Will see what I can do :slight_smile:

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I second this. :call_me_hand:

Great idea, or why not create another tab below the others (power, pace, heart rate, etc.) ?

That would not allow to check where on the map you had an interval. You need the charts and map alongside each other. The map on its own isn’t telling us much.


Very nice! How about a beta deployment to beta.intervals.icu so we can give comments?

I already have a “good enough to go live” version working using free map tiles. However I can’t use those in production. I need to setup my own tile server / find an affordable tile service. Intervals.icu volumes are likely to be quite big.


Thanks for the map @david ; it works well for me as is (especially as I don’t lose half the screen).
I can see exactly where the hurt box was on the race file.


Love the map! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Holly Molly, I love you, @david :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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