Intervals vs. Strava

I have left Strava and now only use ICU and Garmin Connect. The only thing I miss from Strava are the maps, showing where I was. GC has maps, but i would be nice to have them here also.


I was thinking about this the other day. The only thing I am still using from Strava (Premium) is live segments - for which a map view is almost certainly a pre-requisite.

Garmin Connect has native live segments but I wouldn’t want to go to the effort of manually creating all the segments I use there. If a segments feature (including creation and possibly even push to Garmin of the live segment fit files), which also allowed bulk creation from lat/long strings was introduced to in the future, I’m not sure I’d have any compelling reason to continue my strava subscription.

I don’t know about the Garmin ecosystem, but with my Hammerhead Karoo I can sync my rides with RidewithGPS. If you want maps associated with your rides, give RidewithGPS a look. It may be just the ticket for you.

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I made a feature request for this not to long ago. I just wanted the mini-map, but the whole map would be awesome as well.

A map view has definitely moved up the list now that Garmin and manually uploaded activities are coming in. As far as I can tell I can’t get any segment info from Garmin Connect.

I need to try deal with the assorted duplicate issues, bugs and essential missing functionality (e.g. cropping, support for manual activities) and basically get things stable. Then I will be able to tackle new stuff.


Glad I found this! Intervals has got Strava beat big time in the data crunching. Strava’s politics recently really pissed off, and just in time to cancel my paid membership. Intervals is my new go-to for keeping up with my training.

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Hope if this gets implemented, it won’t inflate the price of the service.

I just found the site, and the 10 Eur/3 month sub is manageable for me, but can’t go much higher.

I really like intervals for all the metrics without the “shiny things”. I do not want a duplicate of the existing sites.

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Inevitably maps would incur a cost because of the number of subscribers. It’s worth looking at Mapbox, which looks reasonably priced, and works well. I have used it but only the free tier. If you also look at it makes it really easy to use.