Wahoo headunit support


As I am (newly) using i.icu with a Wahoo Bolt (v2) I’d try to summarize the status of this combination here.
I hope this is okay and it will surely take a moment to summarize the info scattered around the forum. More so, it will likely take even longer to fix some of the issues listed below as they are Wahoo issues – let’s all remind them that we want better API support on their end;-)
If I get things wrong, please let me know and I’ll try to update this post accordingly.
And please only use this discussion for Wahoo-specific issues/discussions with i.icu, not generic Wahoo nor generic i.icu discussions, please.

Workout sync

Direct syncing of workouts from Wahoo (the Element Companion app) to i.icu does not work, as Wahoo neither supports uploading to i.icu nor does Wahoo provide an API to get the complete work, e.g., a fit file.
The best solutions here are either

  • sync your Workout from Wahoo to Strava and have i.icu fetch it from Strava as a connected service. This works reliably and easy, but does not provide all data to i.icu, such as advanced pwoermeter data including L/R balance, which Strava does not forward.
  • sync via dropbox – set up your Wahoo to automatically export to a dropbox folder and set up i.icu to automatically fetch from Dropbox and add the Wahoo folder to the active folders

In fact, you can use both methods and (within some limits) i.icu will sync with both devices, however the Wahoo FIT file from Dropbox will take precedence (overwrite) the Strava data

Plan (planned workout) sync

Direct syncing of Plans (planned workouts) from i.icu to Wahoo is not available, seemingly due to limited Wahoo API support…

You can use Trainer Day (TD) to send workouts to TrainingPeaks (TP). With free accounts on both TD and TP, you can send any workout to Today in TP’s calendar, where it is automagically picked up by your Wahoo when syncing plans.
TD can also send the same workout into i.icu’s calendar, again putting it in for Today and I was told it can also read i.icu’s Workout of the Day with a TD subscription, which then can be send to TP.

Even with free TD and TP accounts you can download workouts from i.icu and import them into TD workouts and your library there. This worked using the Swift zwo format; it did not work using the erg format.

SN: There used to be the option to download the plan as MRC file from i.icu and then transfer that file to the headhunit using file transfer over USB. (On MacOS, this did work for me using the Android File Transfer app.) You then needed to “synchronize plans” on the headhunt for them to find it. This approach stopped working due to Wahoo updates around 2021-08-29.

Thus, albeit cumbersome, my workflow approach is the better workaround. Currently I create, plan, and schedule my workouts in i.icu and make sure that they are (duplicated) in the Trainer Day workout library. At the day of the workout, while still at the desktop, I check what I am going to do in i.icu, go to Trainer Day and send the corresponding workout to TrainingPeaks. Then I change, get the bike, sync plans on the Bolt, and am ready to go.
In the future there might be the option to download the Workouts the Day using TP-style access to i.icu


Are there any other Wahoo-i.icu specific issues or wishes?
Maybe there is a L/R balance issue, see my separate post in the existing topic, I’ll post details here if/when that is clarified.

Supplying @David with a Wahoo bike computer

Thanks for the feedback on this one – we found volunteers to provide some unused Wahoo bike computer to @David for further development, he recognized this and mentioned he would come back to it once the i18n project is advanced far enough;-) Thank you guys!


As a longtime Wahoo user I’m all for support for all you have asked but as far as I know it is completely out of @david hands.
Wahoo does not provide an api that anybody can sync, push or interact with in any way. The only connections they support are connections they have directly integrated into the app and head unit firmware. Wahoo do say they are working on an api that should allow third party integration but from memory there is no time scales.

One thing to note is that Wahoo do not exactly provide an complete house for everything. Something you might have noticed from their connections. For example they do not support the creation of workouts, instead they hand off to Training Peaks, Today’s Plan or others. Exactly the same with routes. You can select a simple end point on the device but if you want to plan a route you need to use a third party service. Very clever in a way as this means they don’t need to build, create and maintain services already provided by others.

All that said I have an OG Elemnt that I’m more than happy to donate, just not sure at present it solves any issues. Pretty sure @david can export workouts, sessions and the like in near all formats but without a destination we are all out of luck.

Comm’on Wahoo. Make it happen!


Hi @Adam , Thank you for the input – and the offer of an ELMNT in case @David considers it useful.
Now, we have two tasks/opportunities – and should probably try to follow/push both

  • get Wahoo provide more support – in fact, with their (smart, also to my mind) Unix-style approach of allowing many great tools to work together, they should even more so provide interfaces for this interaction.
  • come up with and document workarounds and best-practice approaches to have us make the best out f i.icu with Wahoo devices.

My post/topic is mostly to allow for exchange and summary of the second… but we can also use it it document how Wahoo is doing and how they might be convinced.

Thank you for posting this, I was about to start a fresh new thread on this even if the topic is not new. Obviously the issue is on the Wahoo side. (And similarly for Karoo)

As a coach I have been hesitant to bring more folks to this platform since the issue of workout sync to the athlete head unit. I guess one person can go thru the hurdle of getting the file to their Wahoo unit, but it is not reasonable to ask to a client.

I’m happy to provide a Wahoo unit to David, I can part with my Roam v.1 now that I got the v.2 (pls DM me a shipping address if you’d like), but I don’t think that is the issue.

Two comments:

  • Wahoo now syncs from TrainerRoad and TrainingPeaks, so there must be some API for that already in place. Question is how to put pressure on them directly to open it up. Would be great if they allowed a sync from DropBox (which they already support for workouts)
  • TrainerDay can sync to TrainingPeaks. I can’t remember what reason is preventing Intervals.icu to do the same… I think that would be a reasonable way, just need to have a free TP account.

I can try and push a few buttons with Wahoo directly (going thru customer support is a waste of time)

Thanks @Zen_Turtle – so besides pushing Wahoo a decent workaround could indeed be to have automatic i.icu planned-workout upload to TrainingPeaks. @David , what again is the issue here (sorry, I had read about it here in the forum, but cannot find it anymore)?

That would be good – if you actually achieve to reach somebody who, at least, actually understands the concern/issue:-o And possibly takes or induces action.

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I will have another look at this as soon as I have got the i18n work to a point where people can help fix the translations. Tx very much for the offer to loan me a head unit @Zen_Turtle .

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Is it only me or did the latest Wahoo (Bolt2) update kill the ability to put the plan(ned workout) onto the device via USB?

That is, today I can still upload the mrc file via Android File Transfer – but I could by no means (syncing and such) convince the Bolt to display it…:flushed:

All, is there any way that Trainer Day reads today’s scheduled workout(s) from i.icu?

Instead of creating a new workout in Trainer Day and loading the i.icu workout from a local (downloaded) file…

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Workout of the day exists in TrainerDay for Intervals.Icu but I don’t have any experience with it. It should, work similar to TP.

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Yes, you can send the workout of the day from Trainer Day to i.icu – I believe that is what you are showing here for the phone app – but I am looking for a process going the opposite direction: get the workout of the (to)day from i.icu into Trainer Day (only to then pushing it to TrainingPeaks … :wink:

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I’m pretty sure that it works like you want. It works that way for TrainingPeaks, getting the workout that is planned on the TP calendar and starting TrainerDay app with that WO.

I wish you’re right but I don’t have high hopes.
I usually copy export the ZWO from I.i to Trainer Day and then sync to TP, which finally lands it in Wahoo. Good lord.

I just tried it – put a workout into my i.icu calendar for today and then started Trainer Day on my phone. Nothing.

But then I realize that I cannot enable WOD with my free account…

Thus, I leave it to somebody else to figure this out and please confirm or disagree – I am not planning to add another subscription just for this syncing (but for now will manually keep a duplicate workout library Trainer Day:-o)

I just did this.
Sent a workout from Trainerday website to Intervals.icu which immediately puts this workout on the Intervals calendar for today.
Then opened the TrainerDay App on my phone and selected from the dropdown “Intervals.icu Workout of the Day”. The workout is loaded in the app and ready to ride.
I also imported an erg file in Intervals and sheduled it for today. Shows up in the TrainerDay app right away.
I hope you are not mixing up the Web App and the Training App from Trainerday! The web app allows import/export/creation/modification of workouts and the Training App runs the workouts. Can be used with or without Smart Trainer.
To use the Trainer App fully, you must subscribe. Without subscription, you only have a limited selection of available workouts and the WOD is not active.

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