Upload workouts to Suunto watches

Intervals.icu now supports uploading workouts to Suunto devices using the new SuuntoPlus Guides feature. Just tick the “Upload planned workouts” box in /settings and authorise Intervals.icu:

The next week or so of planned workouts matching the workout types filter will be uploaded to Suunto and synced with your watch. Step targets using power, heart rate, pace and cadence are supported.

SuuntoPlus Guides works with the Suunto 3, Suunto 5, Suunto 9 product family watches with the latest software version (2.20.28.). The Suunto App also needs to be updated with the latest release which was launched in early March.

Update 3rd April 2022

Update 2nd April 2022:

There is now a notification before each set of repeats summarising the upcoming intervals. Have a look at the walkthrough for this workout below:

Easy run around the block with a couple of repeats.

- 10m ramp 70% HR press lap

Main set 3x
- Hard 1m 85% HR press lap
- Easy 2m 75% HR press lap

- 10m ramp 70% HR press lap

Note that I have included “press lap” for each step so they can be ended using the lap button.

The top line of the watch shows 13 characters from the step text. The step countdown timer is displayed along with distance (if there is space).

The intervals are coming up …

Now the watch title, step countdown and distance all show the rep number (1/3, 2/3 etc.).

And so on …


Iam now testing this and works fine for simple training. I have created structured and get an error.

What is wrong with this?


  • Easy 30m ramp 80-83% Pace

Reps 10x

  • reps 0m30s ramp 125% Pace
  • recovery 1m ramp 50% Pace


  • Easy 15m ramp 80% Pace

I will have a look tonight. This integration is brand new (from Intervals.icu and Suunto side) and there are bound to be some teething problems.

hi, where is that box to upload training from intervals to the watch?


Same here:

Thanks for the Job Keep it up

I think I have found solution. Looks that on WarmUp there have to be Ramp defined with MaxHR. With Pace it is always returning error.


I have fixed 3 problems (will deploy Wed AM GMT+2):

  • If the description of the workout is empty it breaks. Workaround is to add a description paragraph at the top of the workout before all the steps.
  • The “hr=lap” also breaks. Workaround is to remove that.
  • Pace is broken for some ranges. No workaround but I have fixed this.

Tx @LucaF and @barozi for the report.

I am keen to improve this integration so if you have ideas post them here. Tx.


Maybe this is not fully integration related but would IT be possibile to set as a goal of workout step distance instead of duration (exchangebly)? Many dubbing workout are based on distance.

Not yet. That is a long outstanding todo list item for the workout builder that I really do need to get done soon.


Hi, i just started defining trainings with intervals.icu for my suunto. I love parsed-text way of it, but have a question: when people do workouts prepared by trainingpeaks, suunto gives dedicated, good-looking notifications about changing segment. When i do training from intervals.icu, suunto gives me only notification just like about lap end, without new segment name. Is there any way to make intervals.icu trainings working on suunto as good as from TP?
Following is the article with some pictures of dedicated notifications while training from TP: Suunto Rolls Out TrainingPeaks Structured Workout Integration: How-To Guide | DC Rainmaker
Thanks for your great work!

YOu’re referring to this screen specifically?

Yes, exactly

I will do some more work on this on Friday. One thing I am concerned about re the “next step” notification is what if you are doing short intervals (e.g. 30/30s)? Then the time to display the text might cause trouble.

They say next step notification goes away in few seconds so shouldn’t be a problem… anyway i asked local community how they feel this feature.
Also I noticed one issue (maybe I’m doing something wrong) : having segment defined as: “6m Ramp 60-80% HR” (115-154bmp) suunto is showing target of 134bm for all of 6 min, which is just average of min & max. Can I do something to make target value ramping up in time as it’s defined? Or you think it wasn’t implemented in sunnto watch software, as too complex?

Another improve would be to implement the “Next step” on “button press” like it is for Garmin. According to other claims it is possible in Suunto as for workouts defined in Training Peaks it works properly.

That is supported already. Did you try it and it didn’t work?

It should show the target (avg of min and max) but also the range.

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In the next few days I am curious about running with Stryd in particular, suunto uses it as a native data unlike garmin and it could be a great alternative

There is a side note “Garmin only” at the bottom od check box, so I have not tried that. I will check. Thanks

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Ooh I will fix that. Tx.

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