Strava sync to become a paid feature (paused)

Update 10th March 2023: Strava has increased rate limits. All users will continue to be able to download activities from Strava. More info here: Strava sync available to all users! has exhausted it’s Strava API rate limit every day for the last week and Strava are no longer increasing rate limits. This means that I have to make downloading activities from Strava a premium feature to reduce the number of calls to the Strava API. This will happen later this week. Future new users and current free users will be able download from Strava for a few weeks after which time a subscription will be required.

Downloading activities from Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo and Dropbox does not require a subscription.


I’m no longer syncing from Strava, so hope this helps, in some teeny-weeny-way.


I sync from both Garmin and Strava. Do I lose anything by only using Garmin?


Where can I find subscription information ?

I have opposite question. I only sync with Garmin as this is where Raw info comes from anyway,
I assumed can compute the same stuff Strava is computing but might be I’m thinking wrong and I should sync with Strava

I am happy paid subscriber :slight_smile:

On the top of the “settings” section.

If you sync with Strava you can get the segment information on your activity.

Any way to upload the workouts from Bryton after this update?


I’d happily not sync with Strava but the player I use , Xert, does not sync to Garmin? Any ideas anyone.? Dropping Xert is not an option.


Can you export to any 3rd party apps?
Can you get the data to Dropbox?

I need to speak to the athletes I’m working with, as Strava was the easy way to sync… especially from Zwift and Rouvy.

Manual uploads might be the way forward for them, if they don’t subscribe.

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I have alot of the same data in both Garmin and Strava. I’m happy to turn off the Strava sync. Is it as simple as just deselecting Strava and selecting Garmin and this doesn’t cause any data issues?


Yes, just untick “download activities”.

Don’t “revoke anccess” otherwise you will lose everything.

David, shouldn‘t it be on STRAVAs to decide who is a premium user (like me) and leave the data through. It shouldn‘t be the service provider like to pay a second time.


Thanks. Just wondered what happens if the access is revoked from the Strava side?

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Everyone who is a supporter please continue to use Strava if it is working well for you. There should be plenty of API calls after this update. The best experience is get raw files from Garmin/Polar/Suunto/Dropbox and also use Strava so you have segments.

Unfortunately I think Strava have decided to quietly drop the API by not giving out rate limits without all the bad press turning it off would generate. It isn’t possible for to pay for access and Strava premium or not doesn’t make any difference.


If Strava do that then is supposed to delete all the data. But I don’t think that is likely. Just limiting apps to the number of user’s they currently have by not granting rate limits does the job.

If I turn on Garmin Sync, will it sync all my old activities or only new ones that come through? Keen to switch away from Strava :sweat_smile:

OK. I’ve been ‘playing’ (probably a bad thing). There seems to be some data duplication as the list of activities doesn’t provide enough TSS to generate this per week in the fitness graphs.

I’m wondering if it might be easier in my case to just delete the data there and re-sync everything from Garmin as I’m only interested in the last year anyway. Is that an option?


It will sync the last year of activities and then new ones as they come in. You can use the “Import all Garmin data” button in the Garmin box in /settings to get everything.

Ok so is there a way I can only sync from the current day with Garmin? I.E: From today going forward?