Strava no longer increasing rate limits

I logged a rate limit increase request this morning and got this:

Dear Developer,
This is an automatic response to your Strava API rate limit request. At this time, we are not granting requests for rate limit increases. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your understanding.
Strava API Support Team

This means that in a couple of months will no longer be able to accept new users, I am going to have to pause feature development and get separation from Strava done ASAP. Hopefully lots of use Garmin devices and can switch to downloading from Garmin Connect instead.


Oof, that’s a big slap-in-the-face.
I’m quite happy with my Wahoo peripherals and don’t see myself buying new gear just to be able to use (though I would really, really, REALLY miss it).
Hopefully there’s a solution somewhere along the line.


Guess it was in the cards.
Only using Strava to connect to these days,
and think last IM Kona count was around 90% on Garmin,
no problems here.


for us wahoo users, since seems that their “Cloud API” are not available yet, please consider to add dropbox fit file import (or at least manual fit import)



I also left Garmin aside, and I’ve been using Wahoo for a long time, and I’m glad I did, but back to what matters, for Wahoo users, just export and import the file to Garmin Connect and it’s done.
There is no need to change equipment. Or I’ll be wrong

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I will definitely to manual .fit file upload and I suspect dropbox is probably easy to integrate with.


Google Drive? I assume a lot more ppl use Google than Dropbox


This is a shame but it was bound to happen at some point.
Strava was a great way to gather ride data, and I will probably still use it passively (along with the occasional KOM attempt), but I think this trend towards the premium model will continue.

I’m glad was able to shift to Garmin connect, but I guess only time will tell if that will be sufficient.

I do prefer Garmin Connect for looking at my data (if not using Intervals) but I know the Garmin API doesn’t have a way to get the workout name. This is a pain and keeps me using Strava on any platform that allows me, rather than Garmin Connect. Maybe we need to log a feature request to Garmin and all up vote it [do they have this process?].

I’ve got a Garmin watch and a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. For the Bolt I auto-upload to Dropbox then manually import into Garmin Connect, so all my stuff ends up in there.
Dropbox integration would be ideal though for the Wahoo users not wanting to manually import into Garmin Connect.


Same set up here. I think I have seen before that activities not done directly with a Garmin but sync’d to Connect don’t pass across on the API. So we would also need to manually add Zwift .fit files? This is probably the most annoying thing about having to move away from Strava. Hopefully it is just a temporary pause.

Either way, it’s a good move to remove the reliance on Strava, especially as they’ve got previous with cutting off access for API partners!

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Just adding my name to those who use Wahoo. Any form of integration is fine by me, though best if it could be automated.


Are they using the same strategy as Google with Google Photos ?

  • make a “free” service,
  • kill the competition as a “side effect”,
  • when there is no competition anymore, force your users to pay for it… (and act quickly, so that no one has the time to produce an alternative service)

All of that make me rethink about my hosting strategy: forget about the “cloud”, and install some private server for all of my data.


Maybe you can have a look at and or connect to Tapiriik - that is free, although I seem to remember you can make a contribution and it will sync faster, or more frequently.

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Hi David,
Thanks for your fantastic job!
For this issue you might also have a look to the RunGap App on IOs (hopefully Android as well). It’s helping a lot in synchronizing various platforms. It’s not free for the user but for instance allows me to sync from Zwift to SporTracks. If could be added to the list of supported platforms almost every user could syncronize (Zwift, TP, Garmin, Sunto, Polar, Dropbox, Strava, Nike, sportracks, 2peak, …) their workout with



Strava is still free, although it may not stay that way. They are trying to play catch up with all the good people like @david and Thomas (Elevate) and Justin (Strava Sauce) and integrate more of their features into their own platform.

It’s almost stealing, but they seem to get away with it…

I know this is off subject a bit, but I wonder if this rate limit restriction is why TrainerRoad workouts are slow to sync to Strava currently. Does it effect syncs to Strava also?

Thats possible. is also a little slow some days. If it is running low on Strava rate limit it slows everything down to avoid running out.

@Cyclopaat “Maybe you can have a look at and or connect to Tapiriik” Yes I will definitely look at that. It’s open source so I could even do the work myself (my Python isn’t great though!).

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You’ll figure it out :crazy_face: It was also a more general remark for others with Wahoo or other services that need to be synchronized cross platforms…

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