Segments on non-Strava activities now displays segments from Strava on activities from non-Strava sources (Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Dropbox etc.). This is a supporters only feature as additional Strava API calls are required. Note that the Strava and non-Strava activities need to be from the same device. Connect Strava and other sources to see left/right balance and other things not kept by Strava along with segments.


That is great news :+1:

It wasn’t working for my last outside ride, so I did the following:

Went to /Settings and updated permissions on Strava (kept the upload from Strava unticked). It then worked.

Thanks @david - not important to me, personally, but is a nice extra feature.

Just to be sure that I understand. For the moment, Garmin sends my activities to Strava and i’ve just connect Garmin to Intervals. To activate this function, I should connect both (Garmin and Strava). Don’t I risk to have some activities in double ?

Yes you need to connect Strava and Garmin. will delete the Strava activity in favour of the Garmin one so you shouldn’t get dups.

Hi David, where do you see Strava segments on intervals?

If you look at the screenshot in the original post you can see them at the very bottom ‘Hotel Suikerbossie Top’, you can then press ‘V’ and it will create an interval for it

Wow that is cool! I’ve never noticed that. thanks so much

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Nice feature, thanks a lot!

One question:
Is there any possibility to see all my efforts on a special segment to compare them?
I don’t pay for Strava so I can’t see this in Strava.

Not directly but if you create an interval for that segment on each activity then you can compare the intervals on the interval search page (click the interval on top of the activity and then click the search icon).

Strava might get unhappy if I built something tracking actual segment performance over time.

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Thanks for your answer and the workaround.

Think the same. Strava wouldn‘t be happy if you would build that feature.