Running, rowing power, custom zones etc all live

Will post more details and get to all the forum posts later. Hopefully I will now have time to fix the outstanding bugs, assuming all the new changes don’t generate lots more :slight_smile:


This is very nice :star_struck:

OMG this is amazing! what a gift logging in to check my track run and see all new season peak powers!

Great work David. I ran a Mona Fartlek today to really test the process (and my lungs!) and Stryd power came out perfectly. One question, if I was to set up my zones as the simple 3 zone model does the weekly summary, e.g. Polarized, Pyramid etc handle this?

Cheque’s in the post :slight_smile:



Thanks :slight_smile: Yes if you have 3 zones they map 1-1 with the 3 zones used for the classifications.

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Love it!!
I did notice something that I hope others notice before they edit it.
The FTP that shows in the top right is static to cycling ftp, not to the activity type.

Example, my running FTP is 300+, but this activity it shows the FTP of my cycling. So if I edited that, it would edit the wrong zone.
The power tab shows correct though! Thank you again David!

Hmm. Thats and “old” FTP from before the launch of this feature i.e. the cycling one. New runs should get the running FTP from settings. You can use the activity list page to find all your runs and update the FTP in bulk.

I will try build that into the “update activities” feature tonight.

Editing the FTP on an individual activity will change the FTP in settings for that sport if it is the most recent activity for the sport. So you don’t have to worry about editing runs changing cycling FTP.

I’m ‘that guy’ that uses a Wahoo for my bike but Garmin for runs (with Stryd). Power data doesn’t come across on the Strava file, is it possible to download run data from Garmin, but leave everything else to come from Strava?

Yes just enable Garmin download and your runs (and everything else from Garmin) will download and replace matching Strava activities.

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Nice Update David! Just one question: Does setting a Threshold Running Pace results in anything already? (Load calculation, etc.) Thank you!

Tx. No not yet but that will happen soon. It does work for Swims already.


I had my fist swim post lock-down and it went as expected. I am very slow :laughing: but the load was calculated correctly.

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Hi, today I had an indoor row synced from Garmin Connect, where it shows power, but power is not showing up on Power is selected as a chart. Should this be working with the new power zones? Thanks!

I will look tonight. The power trace should always show up on the timeline chart so for some reason power hasn’t been found in the .fit file. I should be able to fix this.

To get analysis (power curves etc.) you need to add a sport for “Rowing” in /settings and configure your FTP and zones.

Hi David, I’m also rowing with a Concept2 Ergrower. My Garmin watch (FR945) connects with them and.
I’ve got set Powerzones and ftp in a separate Rowing section, but it will not generate a power curve for rowing, but in an activity chart it shows power.

Hi David,

Had the same problem, but with the C2 SkiErg (cf Power was not identified. For comparison, I checked and TrainingPeaks does find power for the same file.

I also did a Row workout, using again C2, but for the rower Fēnix 6X is able to read power directly from the rower and thus when I synced via Garmin power shows OK (cf for example For some reason Garmin does not want to read power for SkiErg although they both use PM5, strange.

Anyhow, what you are doing David is fantastic for self-coached athletes, keep-up the nice work!

You uploaded skiing activities will work now:

There is still an issue with activities from Strava (@Dirk @Ollie_Rutherfurd ) that I will sort out on Sat.


Strava activities will work now. If you have already created a “Rowing” sport then click the “Update Activities” button. CC @Ollie_Rutherfurd

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Hello guys,

Up to now, I have synced in this way :
Garmin Watch → Garmin Connect → Strava →

I’d like to turn on activities sync from Garmin to get running power datas.
So I guess I should turn off Strava sync from now ?

Is there some progress about syncing activity names from Garmin ?

Yes activity names now sync from Garmin. You can turn on Garmin with Strava for a bit to check that it is all working. Activities from Garmin Connect will replace those from Strava.