Push workout to Wahoo

I had a quick search but could not find any comment on whether the proposed workouts in the calendar push to my Wahoo Element similar to what Todays Plan does.
Is this something for the future or did I miss something?

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There isn’t any support for pushing to other services at the moment. I did a quick Google and they would probably need to implement something on their side (TP support is backed into their app) so Intervals.icu would need to get a lot bigger so they notice :slight_smile:


It will probably be possible when their “cloud API” is released. I am also going to expand the Intervals.icu API to make it possible for other people to implement this sort of thing.



Great. I really like the way the software works. Give me the ability to push my workouts to the wahoo and I think I will give up my subscription to TodaysPlan.


I’'m not sure TrainingPeaks will allow that abbreviation for Today’s Plan :joy:


Then we need to make some noise for Wahoo, email their customer support with the request.
Their support for pushing workouts to devices has been shamefully late, they don’t even support their own platform SufferFest, and TP (both of them) are the only ones.
So technically the piping is there, can’t quite understand what’s stopping them…

In the interim, would it be possible to push the workout of the day to TrainingPeaks and then have that sync with our Wahoo devices?
That can be done with a free TP account. Kinda convoluted, but would work.
Right now I have no way to push a workout from here to my devices.
Plus TP also syncs to Karoo, it’s like a GarminConnect for Wahoo…

I posted this on the Karoo board.
Maybe we have a better chance for them to do it, rather than Wahoo, since they are smaller and more receptive.

Please go there and chime in to bump it up in votes.

Tx for that. Hammerhead did get back to me a little while ago. I need to create a Training Peaks compatible API to provide workouts and implement OAuth support.


Just checking that you are aware you can export them and manually put them on the Wahoo?

Not a big fan of “manually” - life is busy enough…
But I’m not aware on how to do that? I thought the only way to push a workout to Wahoo was via TP…

In Intervals.icu click on the Workout in your calendar and choose Download, then MRC.

Plug your Wahoo into the computer, there will be a folder on the device calls plans.
Copy the downloaded .MRC file into that folder.

On the Wahoo - go into Settings - Planned Workouts & Choose Sync.
You should then see the Workout in the list.

Once done - just remove the file from the plans folder. Or keep a few favorites on there so you can re-use them etc.


@david have either of you had experience doing this with Xert workouts?

E.g. download .erg.txt file from Xert, import into intervals.icu, then download MRC file and sync to Wahoo as described?

I know the Xert workouts have other metrics involved, just wondering how these translate into the way Wahoo displays ‘workouts’ on page. Essentially, are they usable in this way outdoors?

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I haven’t used Xert much and don’t have a Wahoo head unit to test this stuff. For Garmin I implemented the “press lap to complete step” feature for outdoors to make outdoor workouts practical.

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I created a support request with Wahoo asking them how to get workouts onto the Bolt without having to pay a subscription to TP and they submitted a feature request to their devs to be able to sync with Intervals.icu. Anyone else wanting this should do the same :slight_smile:


By the way, it was good that you shared the text you sent, they received the same text from everyone and realized that we were many and that it was a common request, and now what are the steps to which the request was sent. Thanks

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I get it to work, my advise is that if you need to update a plan you use the notepad++ to create it. You upload to the plan folder and synch them. If all goes well you will find your workout in the list.

Yeah I am creating workouts on Intervals.icu, saving them as MRC files and then uploading to the plans folder on my Wahoo. It works, but it would be much nicer to have the integration with Intervals.icu and not have to manually sync with a USB cable :slight_smile:

It appears that the cloud API has launched? I was able to get to the point of requesting registration with the Cloud API.

Tx for this. I have just registered Intervals.icu. There is a 5-7 day approval process and of course I still need to do the work. I need to finish the “running power” stuff I am busy with … this has morphed into support for pace zones among other things.