Paired workout now on activity detail page

If an activity has been paired with a workout this is now displayed under the timeline chart. You can click it to view full details of the workout.

This behaviour can be toggled in options. You can also hide the onscreen help to make more space.


Beautiful! But I think that the planned workout plot should be the same width as the workout itself. Then it would occasionally align with the workout. TP also provides an option to move the workout plan around to accommodate extended warmups


Tx. I am planning to add custom charts with multiple plots on the same chart. Then I will add support for plotting power, HR etc. from the planned workout as well as shifting the start. The current functionality is an “easy to implement” first step.

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Hi David,

I’ve got a way out paired workout yesterday.
Planned was 150 tss in a 3 hours workout but intervals paired a half tss and time one.
Not to mention weekly compliance should be 98,9% instead 95%.
Also I’ve not found a way to unpair only this one .


That ride was 80 load which is close enough to pair with the 150 load planned ride. You can unpair it just by dragging the skyline off the activity onto the “day”. But you might want to leave it paired. Takes up less space on the calendar that way.

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What about weekly compliance?


I am working on weekly targets now which will include compliance and sorting out any lingering bugs in that area.


I just noticed this: fantastic! Thank you David!

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Amazing, thanks David!

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Great feature!
For the moment i have the following issue but no big deal. I have TP calendar sync with intervals because of my coach. This is what i have.

How it does behave when was planned in other software? Also when i have the planned workout there is no intervals.

Unfortunately that isn’t going to work. The TP calendar export doesn’t supply enough info to construct the workout in detail. can usually parse out the sport, duration and TSS but thats about it.

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Is the compliance for all workouts combined? Because most of times we have very different goals for each one of them.

Also, how can I get a second ride paired with a planned workout? Both Cap de Formentor rides were made with the same workout.


I had to cut some corners to make this stuff easy to use. So it’s one workout per completed activity and compliance is computed from all the activities for the day (for the sport) compared to the total of planned workouts.

I’ve noticed that I cannot see the name of the planned workout when it’s paired. This becomes confusing if an athlete renames her activities

Ah I just added the name above the skyline chart. Tx.

@david On Wednesday, I complete an outside ride, ending up way over the target [181 per cent of the planned workout]. Nice day, etc…, but the ride was still easy [less than 2 hours, less that 65 per cent FTP].

Anyway, I now get a big red x on the calendar for this ride. Can we have the option of choosing to change the symbol from failure to success? No big deal, but it would be nice.

What if you show the past planned workouts and adapt the target?

I have added that to the todo list. It’s a bit tricky to do because currently all the compliance stuff is calculated in the browser and not stored. I am considering changing that so compliance can be part of the API and then I will be able to make the pass/fail status editable.

Ta ever so.

Hi David,

the paired workouts feature is great but I’ve noticed that while it works correctly for planned workouts, it doesn’t pair races (they still show as separate items in spite of the activity having the same name and similar planned vs actual TSS and duration).
Also, you mention in the thread that to unpair you can just drag the skyline off. Is there a way to re-pair?