Pace now supported in workouts

You can now create pace based workouts using the athlete’s threshold pace as the baseline:

Steps can have power, HR and/or pace targets. You can choose per workout which to use:

If you select “Auto” (the default) then the athlete’s sport settings select the steps. If the athlete does not have FTP and power zones setup for the sport then power will not be selected etc…

So one athlete can do runs on HR and another on pace and you can have a single set of workouts for both of them. Tx @Vito_Nacci .

For pace steps with exact targets (not a range) a range is generated for the device like for power and HR:

I have tested this on my wife’s Garmin Forerunner 230. Hopefully it also works on other Garmin devices :slight_smile:


Hi! How can I set a pace range instead of % of max? For example 4:20-4:40?

That isn’t supported currently. But the add step dialog does show the actual pace for the currently selected athlete so you can use that as a guide:

This is also displayed when the workout is viewed:

Using % of pace as units has the advantage of making the workout portable between athletes and automatically scaling as they get faster.

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Thank you! Will try. Do you have plans to add an ability to use a pace without percents?

Percents it’s the most flexible way to go because you just need to update your threshold value. It’s very old fashion to work in absolute values

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I do plan to extend the current pace and distance display to be boxes you can enter values in but these will still be translated back to pace and stored that way.

Sounds like a very flexible solution, thank you!


Is it possible to add the possibility to make workout like :

-20m Z1 Pace (20 minutes in Zone 1 Pace) ?



So… I have a stupid question. HOw do you definte a Z1 pace then? The upper range? The lower range? The middle? eg:5:00 - 5:30 pace is z1 pace.

in parameters

Yes I do have that on the todo list. But @app4g does have a good question: For your Z1 example I supposed the pace should be just under Z2. But what about a Z2 example? In the middle or a range covering the whole zone?

David ,
for me Z1 or Z2 , … is a range covering the whole zone .
If a need specific pace , i use % Pace

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200 / 5000

Resultados de tradução

I tried to copy the same workout for testing, but these graphics don’t show up? How to make the visualization of the work the load I need include or automatically generated? Sorry for the question, I’m new around here.

There is a error with html link

Which workout were you trying to copy? If you are trying to create a pace based workout you need to have threshold pace and pace zones for the sport for the currently selected athlete in /settings.

Fixed. Tx.