Left/Right Balance graphs from Garmin Connect

So, for those that have the Garmin Vector 3 pedals, there is a lot of Left/Right balance data in their .fit files. And I’d really like to see something like a Left power graph and a Right power graph much like the regular power graphs. L/R eFTP, L/R power curves, etc.

I am unsure the extent you can get this from any other dual sided power meter.

But bottom line, it’s an incredibly valuable tool if you are coming back from a knee injury, especially something like an ligament injury that causes a fair amount of muscle atrophy.


Left/right balance on the ride timeline chart and summary info of the same is coming soon.


This is what is landing Monday morning (GMT+2). L&R balance field on activity + intervals and some charts:


Balance vs watts on activity power page:

Let me know if I have missed anything important or if you have any ideas to make this better.


This is live now. You can also plot L/R balance over time on the fitness page.


This works only from data from Garmin ? I have Assioma powermeter… I imagine that via Strava the data about power balance are removed from the activity file … How can i see this data ? I have wahoo bike computer my workouts are send to Strava & Training peaks. And i use Strava auto import to get my activities in Intervals.ICU

Yes unfortunately Strava does not provide that data. You need to get a .fit file into Intervals.icu, either by manual upload (you can download the original file from Strava) or via Garmin Connect (guess not with Wahoo).

I will add Wahoo integration as soon as it is available.



Can’t wait for this. Wahoo integration is preventing me from dropping Strava at the moment!


Wahoo l/r works fine with manual upload. I always backup to dropbox from wahoo headunits anyway, very simple to upload ro intervals from there.




Thanks David, love this idea. I can’t seem to get the Balance chart to display though…I uploaded a workout last night from Garmin Connect, but even when I manually choose to display this chart, I get nothing. Any ideas? Thanks.

I had a look at this one: Intervals.icu

It doesn’t have L/R balance data. You can download the original .fit file and upload to https://www.fitfileviewer.com to check these things. Or was it a different activity?

Thanks. Just checked…looks like it doesn’t include the L/R balance data. I had assumed (wrongly, it appears!) that my Wattbike would have been sending this data to Zwift. Never mind.


Just to contribute, I use Assioma Duo, both outdoor with Garmin Edge and indoor with The Sufferfest. I have Strava and Connect associated with Intervals, and both kinds of workouts go to both training platforms.
For outdoors I have R/L balance displayed into Intervals, from indoor (which goes from The Suf to Garmin and Strava) don’t.

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That sounds really cool and useful – as a new powermeter user, with an Wahoo Bolt, I was a bit puzzled why the L/R data did not make it into intervals.icu…
Looking at the link to the Wahoo cloud API, this does seem to exist (now)? Or am I missing something?
I.e., is there anything we can do – even if only sending a feature request to Wahoo;-)

In any case, thank you for a cool tool – I am looking forward to get my data into intervals automatically:-)

I had another look at their API docs and its not clear to me that it is possible to get the .fit file for a workout from the API unless I am missing something? You could try using Dropbox to get rides from Wahoo into Intervals.icu.

Thanks @David !
I confess that I have no clue about the Wahoo API. I can/will drop them a note;-)

While I really don’t like dropbox, I’ve already setup an account just for this purpose and connected both Wahoo Element app as well as intervals.icu to it – let’s see what happens on the next ride.
I also kept the Strava connection, as that has more workouts then just the bike rides… Is there anything I should do to ensure that the dropbox fit files take precedence over the Strava data for the same ride?

Cool. Original files from any source will replace matching Strava activities so it should work fine.

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@David, this is really cool stuff!
One suggestion I’d have for the display of the balance vs. power graph is to allow changing from a scatter plot to a contour/color plot of a 2D histogram of the data. At least in the case of lot’s of data that would provide much more quantitative information on the actual data.

Hmm, it doesn’t … In fact, for todays activity neither the “exported original” from Strava nor the Dropbox import match/replace the Strava activity. That’s because Strava already mingles with the data and the thus the “Strava import” does not match the FIT0-file info. For my specific (very short, 45 min) ride today it’s, e.g., a >2 min difference in duration…

Would it be an option to get the “original FIT” from Strava and then “merge” the data – i.e., use the metadata from Strava (including the link/show to Strava functionality) but do the analysis on the original data in the FIT file (retrieved from Strava)?
Or to merge workouts in such a way that overlap in real/wall time for most of their data?

Unfortunately Strava doesn’t give out the original files via their API.

Intervals.icu considers two activities to be the same if they start within 1 minute of each other. So did you have to manually delete the Strava activity?