Import all Garmin data can now process the file Garmin sends you when you request all of your data. This isn’t a quick process (Garmin take days to respond) but you get all of your activities with their Garmin Connect names and wellness data.

Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 10.25.53

Currently wellness import is limited because I haven’t seen what the data for weight etc. looks like in the files. If you have other wellness data and want it to be imported into mail me ( the link Garmin sends before doing the import and I will have a look. Tx.


could hrv4 app data be imported to automatically?

I am going to do wellness import/export via CSV soon. I contacted them before and I don’t think automatic import will be possible:

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Just did wellness CSV. So if you can get your HRV4 data in CSV format you should be able to import it easily.

Every day after I test my hrv heart rate using hrv4, the app healthfit can read the health data on ios and upload it to
This method can only upload hrv sdnn data, no hrv rmssd data

When I request all my Garmin data they sent me an email to download the data.
But there is no download link which I could copy and paste into the ‘Link to history file’ field. If I just copy and paste the ‘view now’ button address I get an error message.
Could have a look please?


Can you please forward that mail to Tx.

thx a lot

I have fixed this and will deploy Friday AM (GMT+2). Tx for sending me the link.

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