Download and upload wellness CSV

You can now download all of your wellness data in a CSV and upload the same. Click “Options → Wellness” on the calendar page:

This is also supported by the API.

GET /v1/athlete/{id}/wellness.csv
Optional query params oldest (yyyy-mm-dd), newest (yyyy-mm-dd), cols (comma list of cols to download).

POST /v1/athlete/{id}/wellness
Accepts multipart/form-data with file param supplying CSV text.


Hi, I exported hrv4training data as a csv. The dates were in YYYY-DD-MM format and the HR, rmssd and sdnn were in floating point, After reformatting the dates into YYYY-MM-DD, and rounding the others, the import into intervals wellness was fine. tx.

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Tx for giving it a try. The hrv and hrvSDNN fields should accept floating point. The UI rounds them but the data is stored with decimals.

So my sleep data and resting HR now gets automatically uploaded on the calendar however all other data such as so02, body battery, health snapshot etc from Venu2 does not even though I’ve checked off all the wellness fields. doesn’t have support for “body battery” or “health snapshot”. It does have “spO2” so that should pull through.

It took me quite a bit of fiddling to sort out my hrv4training csv file such that it could be imported into intervals. The main problem was the date field, which presented entries in blocks of two formats, one of which didn’t seem to represent a date when imported into a spreadsheet. A bit of manual tinkering sorted that out. It has made me worry about how Golden Cheetah parses those data (I haven’t noticed a problem).

What would be the simplest route for importing these data automatically?

Can you please mail me ( one of those files. I might be able to adjust the date parsing to accept more formats.

I sorted the import out in the end. I think Numbers opens the csv file in a more sensible way than Excel. I’ll email over the csv file. Maybe you can advise on auto import…

Intervals is great work BTW. I’m still learning my way around it, and I’m hoping to consolidate data from a range of platforms.


I gave this a shot today for importing my weight and it seemed to work, except the weight it shows on the Calendar is more than double the value I had in the file. I imported “209lbs” and it shows up at “461lbs”. I downloaded the Intervals CSV and it comes back as 209lbs. Can’t quite figure out what is being done to make my weight so high! Any ideas?

Nevermind, figured it out. Looks like the weights need to be in KG in the CSV…duh!