How to get C2 logbook automatically loaded to intervals?

I was browsing the forum but couldn’t find how to do this.

I was previously on TP (still am, but will most definately transfer my subscription to intervals. The markdown workout builder was the real game changer.). I use an app called ErgZone for my SkiErg workouts on the concept2.

From before, I synched ErgZone with C2 logbook. C2 logbook, in turn, synched data to Strava, Garmin and TP.

I tried a workout on the skierg but the workout didn’t automatically transferred to intervals. The funny thing is that a friend claims to have the same setup and he gets his skierg workouts to intervals automatically. I wonder why?

I read something about being able to use dropbox from C2 to intervals but I didn’t find a description on how to do that. Does anyone know?

Btw, the reason I don’t want to record it with my garmin watch is that I don’t get power data that way, only via ErgZone/C2.

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Intervals can import from both garmin ans strava. Maybe your friend gets the workouts in that way?

There are a few threads talking about Concept2 e.g. Concept2 connection - #7 by Daniel_Geismayr

Maybe they already have your answer.


Hi There,

I’m the developer of the BreakAway: Indoor Training iOS app (Indoor training app summary - #6 by app4g). It has direct integration w/ intervals. I am interested to see if there’s possibility that I can get Rowers to work with the App. (I understand you’re on a SkiErg, but i’m unsure if it’s similar to rowers)

Let me know if you’re open to it.


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I would be open to it, if only there would be an Android version of the app.

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I have same kind of problem. I am using RowErg and my C2logbook is connected to garmin, and takes all data from garmin to, but for some reason my rowing activities are not uploaded. I have to download manually my rowing activity from c2logbook as .fit file and then i upload it to
So, there are something “wrong” indeed, why data from c2logbook goes to garmin, but from garmin to is not working, it stops in garmin atleast on my case.

Is the Concept2 a Garmin device?
If it’s not, Garmin stopped forwarding activities not recorded on their hardware over a year ago. Only activities recorded on a Garmin device will automatically be send to Intervals.


Hey, thanks for this. No, concept2 is not a garmin device, so It’s good to know how this works these days…

From what I’m reading (never used a Concept2 device) their sync to strava seems to work and they should forward all if the workouts no matter what recorded them!?

Correct for the Strava part. If you can get Concept2 to Strava, it should work.

So if I turn off intervals sync with garmin connect and turn on intervals sync with strava, everything should be fine (I already sync C2 to both garmin and strava)? I guess I would get a lot of duplicates if I have both garmin sync and strava sync enabled?

I saw in another thread that @david had found something in the API for C2 that would enable download directly from there. That would of course be the best solution.

There will be no duplicates when syncing from both. Intervals will keep only the Garmin if it exists. Strava if Garmin is not available. Garmin is preferred because Strava strips some fields.
If you have both, Strava naming will update the activity name from Garmin. Some nifty program work by @david :wink:


Thank you for the clarification! Good to know. I will try to enable Strava sync as well and try it out soon.

Verified it this morning.

Set up sync with both Garmin and Strava.
Performed a morning run, which was synched to both Garmin and Strava.
Confirmed that only one run (the garmin one) was imported to Intervals.

Performed a short 100 m SkiErg session on ErgZone. Synched to C2 logbook, which in turn synched to Garmin/Strava. The Strava version was imported to Intervals. So, working automatically.

Would love to have the C2 logbook sync done though, to not have to rely on Strava, or have activities deleted if strava access is revoked.

Secondly, the strava session was imported as “workout”. Would love to have some sort of mapping that could map this to a defined activity type, such as “nordic ski - indoor” or similar.

But the last item is more of a nice to have and out of scope for this topic.

Thanks for the help all!!

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Hi @TomasHektor, I’m the Co-Founder of ErgZone and I’m glad you found a way to make it work.
We are adding more integrations in our platform for premium users and I was wondering if you and more people would be interested in a direct integration between ErgZone and Intervals. We capture a bunch of data from the PM5, and that data is lost a little with the C2 Logbook integration and then a little more with Strava.
It would be great if someone could introduce us to the founders of Intervals so we could start talking about this integration and using an API.


@david is the one you’re looking for :wink:
From all the other Integrations I see here, the easiest is probably if you provide an API where Intervals can pull the data as Fit File

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