Form (TSB) as of yesterday or today's?


I don’t know which concept is the right one but Golden Cheetah’s description of Form (TSB) seams to be more logical at least for me: “Training Stress Balance/Stress Balance. It’s the result of subtracting yesterday’s Acute Training Load/Short Term Stress (“fatigue”) from yesterday’s Chronic Training Load/Long Term Stress (“fitness”)”

Either or is there a way to set Form as the day before value?

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There isn’t an option to switch to yesterday’s data but I do have that on the todo list.

Any update on this? I to prefer to ser yesterdays TSB

@david According below sources form should be computed on yesterday ctl & yesterday atl:

(This is TSB details from the Joe Friel article you are referencing on the fitness feature itself)

I’m the guy who run Elevate (for strava & desktop app), I also implemented it as is.

Having it as an option could be great.

By the way, amazing work on :wink: !

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Thanks :slight_smile: When I started it just seemed to be the right way to do it. Since then I have seen Elevate and GC and others that do it using yesterdays data. Hopefully I can get an option to switch implemented soon. Very busy with a bunch of much needed running related stuff right now.


@david Any ETA for this? Should be a “quick win” no?!

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Unfortunately not :frowning: mostly just stores CTL and ATL and calculates form when needed. So using yesterdays numbers for form today is a complication because yesterday’s data might not be easily accessible.

Ok understood. Will you work on it by the way?

Yes I will definitely sort it out (eventually). I am sure you know all about an endless todo list!

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