FITNESS PAGE - a guide to getting started

It’s a note. Look on your calendar for a note cover a few days.

Got it, thank you!

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There are some ‘tutorial’ video’s on YouTube but not by me.
Just search ‘’ on YouTube and check them out. Come back here on the forum with your questions.
First thing to do if you want to see any graph, is getting your data in. Upload, Strava, Garmin, Coros, …
Next is probably setting up the zones for your sport(s).

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Is there an easy way to move along the date range in the fitness graph? ie if its currently set to 90 days, to jump to the previous 90 days etc. ? Or even slide the graph in time?

Not at the moment. You need to use the date picker at the top of the page.


At some point in the future would be great to have a left and right arrow to be able to jump along the timeline according to current displayed range. And ability to zoom in and out of time would be useful too.

Bit like this (for the movement part)

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I agree that the ability to scroll and zoom would be a very nice and useful feature.

Here’s an article that gives you a good idea of what certain absolute Fitness (CTL) numbers mean regarding the performance level you’re at.

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