Elevation gain off?


There seems to be some discrepancies regarding elevation gain recorded between Garmin connect and Intervals.

Here is the original garmin:

and here is the one from Intervals

When comparing the elevation gain for the individual laps in Intervals it is higher than Garmin and the doesn’t add up to the total which is the same on both Garmin and Intervals

Intervals.icu uses the total from the fit file which is why that matches up. For intervals it uses the altitude data and if altitude(t) > altitude(t - 1) then the elevation gain for that interval goes up. I suspect Garmin might be doing some more smoothing when it calculates the total and hence comes up with a lower number.

Ok, that’s probably true. However, I compared the same activity in several different web platforms (Finalsurge, Runalyze, Strava with Sauce) and they all showed similiar gain. Intervals almost had double elevation gain per lap

Is it possible to adjust that threshold because now it reads way to high. It would also be great to have elevation loss, both as a field and as a total.

I will have another look at this before I implement pace curves.

any advance? I have the same problem when running
Thank youuu

Could you please post a link to a run on Intervals.icu and some stats on elevation gain from other platforms? Tx.

Here is a run from yesterday
Total elevation is correct (164m) but the laps sums to 522m of elevation gain

if you view overview its 164m of gain and the laps sum to 164m of elevation gain in garmin connect

I’m having the same issue and think I found the problem.

I ran a circular course in this activity, but the Intervals algorithm shows the elevation as dropping but never rising to the start levels, while the same does not happen in the Garmin connect register:

I don’t run so not too knowledgeable on this but I have seen settings on my garmin watch for elevation corrections. I believe my watch has a barometric altimeter so it isn’t used but maybe yours doesn’t and thus Connect is “correcting” it?

Link to Garmin FAQ here