BreakAway: Indoor Training(iOS) - Assigning Gears automatically in GarminConnect

If you have a Garmin Device and you use GarminConnect to keep track of your gears. This feature may likely suit you.

One of the things I personally like to do is keep track of the # of times/distance(since that’s what Garmin Connect tracks) that I utilise any item of equipment/apparel. This can be things so trivial as tracking socks / inner tubes, Jerseys/Bibs etc.

But nowadays I do not open the Garmin Connect Mobile App (nearly never for Garmin Connect Web) as much as I frequent Also, GC’s default is only for a few sports and you can’t separate Run vs Trail Run for default shoes or Outdoor Ride vs Indoor Ride Bikes/Chain (BreakAway uploads as Virtual Ride)

So I’ve built this into BreakAway…

This is still BETA of course, but it works for me mostly and will be fine-tuning it. If you do use it (in future) or is part of the BETA, let me know your feedback and how it can be possibly made better.

There are 2 parts of this feature (assuming you’ve enabled BreakAway <-> Garmin Connect)

  1. if you use BreakAway for Indoor Training
  • Each time a new workout is completed, the activity will be auto-uploaded to GC, renamed and then assigned a Default Gear (if configured)
  1. If you use BreakAway to look at your “Week In Review Dashboard” (thereby all activities will get synced and processed into BreakAway’s Dashboard)
  • when new activities are synced, if there is a Garmin Connect “link” (meaning, you also configured to have Garmin Connect Sync to instead/as well as Strava), it will check and update the configured Default Gear

Here’s screenshots of how it looks…

Make sure you’ve enabled Garmin Connect

Tap on Enable Garmin Gears

Switch Enable Garmin Gears to ON
Tap on “Add Default Gears For Sports” (you can see I’ve got some configured already)

This is where you add a Default Sport (the choice of sport can be seen in screenshot below) and select from your list of Gears for this sport

Note that you can separate Run vs Trail Run but some of those “Street Run / Track Run” will still map to “Run” as that’s what maps it to.

If you tap on the “Week in Review” Dashboard calendar entry for that activity, you can see the below activity details (and the Garmin Gears). You can also use the 3 dots to reload from Garmin.

If you want to add more gears/change data, you can use the EDIT button:

You can add/remove specific gears from this list. (This is where I would go, after each activity, to input my RPE / Feel and add any relevant gears like what jersey I wore for this activity etc)

Tx for reading!


This feature is now Officially Live and available from the Apple App Store.
Let me know if there are issues and if not working etc.

I’m now happily using this with it’s automatic assignation of gears from either BreakAway: Indoor Training workouts or from workouts sync’ed from and it will auto assign.

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