Bike and other gear usage tracking

Is there any development on the possibility of adding multiple Gears in an activity? I’m trying to track the battery life of my HR chest strap, but I don’t always run with it. I already have 7 pairs of shoes that I use, doubling that to log the shoes with and without the strap seems unreasonable.

Not yet. I’m playing around with tags and custom fields. The custom fields add tags if the serial number if the hrm is found in the activity. And then a script could go over activities with that tag and update the totals of the hrm item that way

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I’d like to make a request to add a new gear category specifically to add and track monitoring devices like HRM’s, foot pods, I’d probably also add my watches, head unit. Right now I’m using the Equipment category which seems more for weight training equipment. Maybe label the category something like Monitoring Devices. Thank you.

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You can set this up yourself today under components. With instructions for change. Under retired you can see how long the parts lasted.

I’ve tried that approach and I don’t think it works well. For example my Polar H10 HRM, I added it as a component but then I have to add it to my bike, all my shoes as a component if I want to track it’s usage for all these activities. I think it would be much easier and more user friendly to add it under Gear and then select Default gear for [and add all the activities one time]. Same situation goes for my Stryd pod, I’d need to add it as a component to all my shoes, whereas if it’s listed under Gear, I can set the default activities once. Using components works fine if you’re adding your bike components, Di2 battery etc. to your bike but when you have a component that’s associated with multiple gear items and activities it’s really clunky.

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The shoot wouldn’t help you either?
or do you want more options here

Maybe you can post a picture where you need more options. There are some extremely clever people here who can certainly help you. I (luckily) get along well with equipment management :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with this.

Here’s another thread where this was briefly discussed:

Thanks for the reply Cooper. I’ve attached two screenshots showing how I have this currently set up. I added my Polar H10 in Gear and selected the Equipment Type. Maybe it’s just the Equipment Barbell icon that is throwing me off, but that said, I think it would be nice to have another Type option that is specific for monitoring devices, this way you add it once, associated it with the default activities and you can track usage in one place.

Thanks for sending the link to the other thread.

@david Is there a way to add a component to another component? Example: I have added a HR belt and its battery to the bike as a component so that I can track it including the battery. If I now use a different belt, I have to remove both the belt and the battery individually. It would be helpful if you could select and deselect them as a set or create them as equipment and assign them to another, for example the bike. same will be useful for the case of Shoes with Soles.

Not at the moment. I decided to keep it simple by only having one level of hierarchy. It is already complicated with reminders adding a 3rd level. I do plan to support multiple gear per activity when I get a chance.