Bike and other gear usage tracking now supports “gear” (bikes, shoes and other equipment) with usage tracking and reminders. These are displayed in /settings under the sport settings.

Components are shared between gear items. I have “Argon 18” and “Argon 18 Race” which is the same bike with my racing wheels.

The items with progress circles (e.g. the chain) have reminders attached. If there are multiple reminders then the one closest to triggering is used for the circle.

The “Check wear” reminder will hopefully help me save the cassette!

Reminders can trigger on any combination of distance, time, activities or after a certain number of days. For a chain distance is probably what you want to use. You will receive an email when a reminder triggers and its progress circle will go red.

My wheelsets have a reminder to top up the sealant so I don’t end up stuck in the middle of nowhere.

When a component (e.g. a chain) wears out and is replaced you can replace it from the “Actions” menu:
This will replace it with a new chain on all the bikes it is on and retire the old one. Reminders are carried across.

This is also how you choose which components are being used by which gear items:

Note that you can add reminders directly to gear and not worry about components if you just want a simple “remind me to check my chain after every 3000km” service.

You can set the default gear used for each sport (and indoor gear for indoor activities):

You can also edit this for each activity by clicking the activity icon:

And on the activity list view:

This work was actually completed a few weeks ago but I didn’t have time to do this writeup until now.


@david super cool - thanks! I added some gear (e.g. bike chain, bottom bracket, etc) and back-dated the purchase dates but none of the usage stats updated. I assume it rolls up as new workout are posted, which is how Garmin Connect works (not sure about Strava).

Again, awesome set of features on intervals. I’m super close to dropping TrainingPeaks in favor of Just need to figure out what to do with my 500+ workout library. Thanks!!

:clap: !

Does “Default Gear” get applied to outdoor activities only?

Is there a way to reset “Default Gear” or “Indoor Gear” for a sport back to None?

I’m using the app “Pro Bike Garage” but seems the developer left it behind so I was looking to migrate my gear/reminders somewhere else :wink:


one small bug
when adding a component in the past the “calculate” button won’t do anything until save component - save bike - going back to setting page and reopen the bike → component window and click on “calculate”

Default gear is applied to outdoor and indoor activities if no indoor default has been set. Currently you can’t set it back to none.

You need to use the “Calculate” button to update the stats if you change the purchase date. This looks at all activities using the gear from that date onwards. New activities update the totals as they come in.

Cool feature !

Are you able to fetch the components of each gear from Strava ?


Awesome. Honestly, I will be dropping Training Peaks for this. Thanks for making me a happy supporter.


Tx. It’s hard for me to fix that so I will probably just have to popup a note to save the component and gear first.

No, only the top level gear items.

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This is outstanding! Thank you!

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Ah this makes me so happy, I know what I’m doing for the rest of the day


I love logging stuff on Garmin Connect no moar! Thank you mate so much for these logging functions, pure awesomeness :+1:


How can I track shoes with a bike? There is only one gear per activity. I use to swap pedals from Ultegra to PM Assioma and wish I could track cleat usage.

You can add cleats as component.

Then cleats will be used every time I ride this bike. But I swap pedals and use other shoes and cleats with same bike

I have added “Cycling Shoes” as a gear type.

Thank a lot. Real remedy for data addicted people. Like me :grinning:
But how to add both bike and shoes?

You need to add the shoes to the bike. You can add the same shoes (or any other component) to more than one bike. So you need to have “Bike with Assioma” and “Bike with Ultegra” both with the same shoes.

What if I use one bike, but swap pedals/shoes regularly.? Nevermind. Not a big deal. Chain is most important.

Hi @david , I would prefer to have the Gear and the Components independent one to each other and to have them both selectable when specifying the gear / components I used in a specific WO. Gear should be single selection and Component should be multiple selection (among the applicable ones). So I could specify (for the specific activity done) one bike and then select the wheels, shoes, pedals, powermeter, computer etc. that I used for that specific wo. As it is now to me is too complex (i might use the same bike once on trainer with no wheels, no power meter and the day after with training wheels and different shoes and so on and to do so I should specify several bikes with the same frame but several different options and names).
I hope my suggestion was clear enough.


How can i track my Kickr. I tried to add it to my road bike, but then lookslike it counts every ride, indoor and outdoor. if not, only hooked for indoor rides, i got no counts. i tried to create a combi of a bike plus trainer for indoor, but i can´t delete the activity type “virtual ride” for sports ride, so it is not possible to add this to the modified bike profile.