Better plan tracking?

I have been swapping some emails with @Alex_VanLaningham from TrainerDay on how to track planned vs actual workouts. Currently past planned workouts disappear unless the “Show past planned workouts” box is ticked. This is confusing. The idea is to merge planned workouts with completed activities instead. Still have to figure out the details. Suggestions welcome.

Is someone here following a plan on I just ride on feel myself (plan would be better I know) and need some nice data to test with.

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Hi David,

We have already touched this subject so follow my insights:

  1. The option of showing/hiding past planned workouts is very good and “merging” should optional. I explain:
  • when planning only one block or one week ahead I usually just copy one week to the others… and the graphical visual of planned workouts helps to see the big picture in the case you want repeat one week or something similar like if I wanted just repeat week 29 to weeks 31,32,31. like bellow.
  1. Compliance ( the one we’ve talked before)
    I use Alex FFT planner that gives us monthly targeted TSS & Percentages of time on each zone among others… simply awesome.
    I than take this info and calculate time on each of those zones based on 4 “general” intensity factors as bellow:

What I would like is to see is 2 column of information on the each week:

Fix week Plan Done+Planned
Time 10 9h6m
Load 515 522
Z1 5,4 4:40:51
Z2 2,7 3:18:01
Z3 31 56:14
Z4 18 20:29
Z5 43 41:51
Z6 18 19:26
Z7 0 0:00
SS 0 6:36

If you want to add compliance ok, but it should be against the fixed plan.

Based on that I fine adjust the followings week workouts to meet the fixed week target. I usually do that on the last two workouts of the week.

I also wish we could choose the first day of the week but you have said it is deeply hardcoded.

My best regards,

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It would be great to have the option to merge the training program with the training results!

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Agree with Gato and Hugh.

The calendar setup as is, fits nicely on all screens, but maybe it could be an option to have 3 columns for each day; One show planned, On show actual and one show the difference, or compliance.

Then; since this means you will have to compare the workouts by name, it would be nice, later, to be able to compare the same workout over time; as I have these plans for this workout, this is what happend, so ( … and here comes Davis mastery …) … I am doing this better or worse over time …

Hi, just clarifying that my suggestion was only to week total not daily.


Well, for most, including me, that would be enough …

I’m trying to understand what you want to do but from what I read, this is already possible, at least the first paragraph.
If you keep the option “Show past planned workouts” ticked, you permannently see the planned workout, the executed workout and the compliance. Both planned and done are underneath each other and there is a colored bar representing the compliance.

Weekly target we are asking for is something different from what compliance is today.
It is fixed for the whole week not matter if you change or even delete one workout, case were you wouldn’t be able to achieve your plan for the week.
Today if you change one workout it will show the compliance to the “new target” after the change…

Thx, got it now.

I am working on the “merging” feature now and it seems the simplest would be to “pair” activities and workouts like Training Peaks does. This would display the workout skyline on the bottom of the completed activity on the calendar.

I would still calculate compliance per sport per day so any unpaired separately logged warmup or cool down activities would still count.


Looks great design. Most of my sessions (basically all training ones) will only have 1 plan = 1 execution, but your design for daily sport will cover the TT race scenario very well!

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I don’t use TP so nothing to say but I have two questions:

  1. What is the need of pairing workouts? a lot of times workouts do not got as planned and pairing will “kind of erase that info”.

  2. Will it be optional?


Yes this will be optional and you will also be able to manually pair/unpair if the automated pairing makes a mistake.

The idea is to show your plan history without using as much space on the calendar as the “show past planned workouts” option does. Just a skyline along the bottom of the activity that is paired with the planned workout. This will work well if you follow the plan well.

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Yes please, I like how TP does it. Sometimes it’s useful to unpair manually though