Best pace achievements for running et al

Best pace achievements are now awarded for sports using pace (running, swimming etc.) for all the “best efforts” distances you are tracking. So will send you an email when you set a new 5k record for the season!

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 15.20.31


We need to reprocess the file to get old PR´s?
And love how it highlights the block where was done (i was clicking the 5k link)

Maybe I’m weird because I’m in the US, but your pace curve is in yards up until the first mile, then miles after that (with some rounding issues because mine says 1.99 miles).

I’ve run since high school and all of our tracks are in meters so yards don’t make any sense to me (and likely anybody else in the US). How hard would it be to do meters up until a mile and then miles after that? I think that would make most sense for those of us on imperial.

Hmm. It uses the settings from the sport. So if your threshold pace is in mins/mile then you get yards, miles etc… If I make the lower end of the imperial scale metric this will be a problem for swimmers using a 25 yard pool.

I have added meters to the marker display if the sport is using imperial units. I also fixed the rounding issue with 1.99mi and 3.99mi:

Or re-analyse. Making a small edit to an interval will also work and preserve your intervals.

You can re-analyse runs in bulk on the activity list view. Sort in ascending date order to get proper PRs. However I will deploy a job tomorrow to do this for everyone so you might want to wait.

Is it possible to exclude activity from counting towards achievements? Suunto has a problem when running in tunnel and it counts double distance, so I have some fast 1k times which I know are not ok :slight_smile: Also where can you find best pace from all years?

Yes you can do Actions → Settings and tick the “Ignore velocity” option. But that has some other effects. I am going to add a specific option to exclude from pace curves tonight so best to wait for that.

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All my runs from Suunto are missing distance like. .1 e.g 5K in Suunto comes

is this the same as the issue I see for all my runs from Suunto? e.g. 5K on Suunto comes to i.i as 4.99K, 10K as 9.9 etc. I’ve fixed a few but I still don’t seem them appear in all time 5k best times :slight_smile: thx

I don’t quite understand … do you mind posting a screenshot or two and link to some activities? Tx.

All my runs( and walking as well) imported from Suunto are missing .1 in distance in i.i


Suunto distance 5K = i.i distance 4.9K
Suunto distance 6.5K = i .i distance 6.4K

Screenshots Suunto 5k
ici 5k
Suunto 6.5k
ici 6.4

Also, I’ve manually fixed the distance in i.i for some runs , by adjusting the distance from 4.99K to 5K, however in the best effort for a 5K, it’s not showing the time in the best efforts you just rolled out, see below

best 5k

Above image is from a 5K, however time is not there for best in this run.

That’s why I asked if this comment of yours about fixing the rounding issue was the same I see for my Suunto runs.

Hope this clarifies what I mean, thanks for checking.

Hmm. Your 5k run on 22nd May the fit file has the distance as 4997m both “total_distance” field and the distance records: generally rounds down so 4.997km is 4.99km on the activity view.

The “best effort” algorithm looks for sections of the run that are >= 5000m (e.g. 5003m), works out the pace in meters/sec for the actual distance (5003m) and then calculates the seconds for the best effort distance (e.g. 5000m) from that.

I don’t think there is much I can do about this unfortunately.

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Hi David,

This new feature is great, but I think there is some calculation error.
For example, it found my best activity for 1K as 4:15. Garmin connect has this activity as my best 1K with 4:25. Also importing the activity to excel and analyze it, the calculation come with the same value as Garmin connect suggested 4:25.

any workaround? by fixing the distance in i.i to read 5K won’t be enough? thx shows gradient adjusted pace by default and that gives your best 1k as 4:15. If you untick the “Gradient adjusted pace” box then your best 1k is 4:25.

Unfortunately not unless you can edit the fit file somehow and change that last 4997 record to 5000m. You can’t do that in yet.

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I have added a “Ignore pace” option to remove activities from best efforts and pace curves. On the activity timeline chart do Actions → Settings and tick the box.

A marker is shown on the calendar:


Now it is perfect.


Can I suggest adding best pace effort adjusted to temperature and Humidity (Dew point) as an option like you have for gradient adjust pace.
Now here in Florida the temperature and humidity are brutal, and I think it will be great feature to see how you are doing with your progress in this long summer.
There are some resources that described the estimated pace change based on the sum of Temperature + Dew point.

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how about enabling a manual way to set a certain workout as the best effort for a certain distance?

Like the pace analysis for running, but the Pace tab does not fully work for me: the pace curves are “empty”… In fact, I can hover over the curves and get the values for the different distances – but the curves themselves are never shown:-o

This would be problematic IMO. There is no hitherto standard way to adjust to temperature and humidity universally, although some rough adjustments exist. Plus, I think there’d need to be a way to take wind speed into account as well, because air temperature + wind speed can multiply the effects.

What I’ve learned from coaching experience is that people’s perception of heat is slightly different, depending on the fat mass they carry and acclimatization. Some just have more capacity to run in the heat.

I’m in support of not complicating this feature any more. Runners are best advised to manually make adjustments based on their environment and local guidelines.

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I suggested as an option that can be turn off/on. I know that there isn’t standard for the temperature and humidity adjustments. I think that there are some research done about the estimated performance change.
This feature should not be treated as absolute accuracy, but as some general guidance for yourself where you stand in your performance in the 6 months of training in the black hole summer.
As one that run now in combined dew + temperature values between 150 to 160 , and it will not going to change for few months it will be very helpful feature to try to try to assess where are you standing without waiting for the cooler days.