Automatic update of hrv data

I use garmin iq for hrv testing, hrv data is saved in the fit file, is it possible to automatically extract hrv data to intervals health data for such activities?

Unfortunately the intervals failed to parse the hrv data in the fit

It would be nice to be able to graph hrv data similar to hrv4traing、

It’s not an answer to transferring your HRV data automatically but for graphing the data in a similar way as HRV4Training, check ou this:

Some posts lower you will find how to add that to you fitness page.

I have an outstanding todo list item to allow import of arbitrary fields from records in .fit files that will help a bit with this. does store the beat to beat HRV data. You can see that if you download “Streams CSV” on the activity data page.

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I would be interested in this too. When I look at the recorded .fit file the data is stored in the file and maybe it wouldn’t be to hard to import it in

This is the recorded .fit file from Garmin Connect:

I similarly have the HRV FIT files from Garmin in the list of Activities that I can see on the Activities calendar page. I need to figure out how to get HRV data to show up in plots on Fitness page where it implies one can add plots for HRV rMSSD and HRV SDNN … so, I did this and I see a chart below the standard Fitness chart, but there’s absolutely no data. I just started looking at HRV, but there are HRV FIT Activities listed on Activities page for each day of last week. Is there a way to change the downloaded HRV FIT files to be Wellness files, perhaps? An extension of all this would be nice to be able to see all the other HRV FIT data that Garmin records from the “HRV Analysis” add on. Other discussion indicates use of Google FIT files for Wellness data. How to get Garmin FIT files to work is the problem??? Google Fit integration - #58 by lvdheijden
Now, pondering this some more. Looks like need an Activity Type for “HRV” that comes from Garmin in a HRV FIT file. Right now, the HRV FIT file is listed on Activities page. Now, if there was an Activity Type for HRV FIT files that loaded Garmin’s HRV variables, it looks to me that these could then be displayed on the Fitness plots ???

The HRV data displayed on fitness plots is from the wellness records i.e. one entry per day. It is meant for morning HRV measurements not HRV derived from activity files. does store the beat to beat timing info from fit files but doesn’t currently do anything with it. I hope to integrate Fatmaxer analysis at some point. You can download this data in CSV format on the activity data page (the page listing all the intervals on a table).


If you integrate it someday, let me know and we will do the validation tests. I have a python code for the calculation of everything, if you need it just ask me, this code is not in github.

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