Annual Training Plan


A possibility for an annual training plan would be great to plan TSS, Time and Intensity roughly in advance for every week for the upcoming season.

It would make training planning a lot easier. I mean if you know you have a plan leading you over the hole season plan with a roughly time, TSS and Intensity value for each week it is way more easy to plan the workouts for each week/day.

Maybe the weekly goals are a option to integrate this feature, whenever it could be shown somehow in a form of diagram or/and in the fitness chart (maybe in light colour in theory back).

btw a goal >999 TSS per week is not possible.

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The weekly targets are supposed to support this kind of planning. Are you looking for a better/different user-interface to those?

An Excel file is much easier to use for this. Think of it as the macro view while the calendar currently in Intervals as the micro view.

Edit: this is very similar to what I use to workout my first half of the season.
I know which workouts I need to, so base don history, the future is easy(ish) to plan.

Unless I have missed it, I think it would be good to have the ability on the fitness page an option to plot on a custom chart the planned weekly TSS goal. You can then overlay your planned load for workouts and also see your historic load to review planned vs. actual

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The way they are they are not really helpful for long term planning. A visualisation would be nice and the impact on fitness, fatigue and tsb. So that I can plan roughly how hard each week for the next few months should be and know how those 3 parameters got effected. After that a deeper dive into the weeks and the workouts for each day is much easier.

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Yes, but you can easily integrate this imo. One of the few points I think are made good at Trainingpeaks.

@cyclingeryk I have added “include weekly target load in future fitness” to the todo list. It’s not super simple to implement unfortunately.

@Gerald_M I think I need to do an “Excel style” planning view for the calendar at some point.

@Olly_Thomas I have just added weekly targets to the fitness plots