ACWR option in Custom Chart

I have been searching to plot the ACWR (acute:chronic workload ratio) in a custom chart but couldnt find it.
Assuming I havent overlooked it, is it possible to add it as plot option?
The formula is quite simple: ACWR = ATL/CTL.
It can be interpreted as follows:

< 0.80 (under training and higher relative injury risk)
80 – 1.30 (optimal workload and lowest relative injury risk; the safe zone)

1.50 (overloading and highest relative injury risk)

It would be nice to see these boundaries colored like with the Form% graph.
So undertraining could be grey, optimal could be green and overloading orange /red.

Thanks for your replies.
Gr Johan

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Would it be possible to include a metric RPE*Duration please? Known as session RPE.
This works well as a subjective measure of training load, and also quantifies without power and heart rate.

Athletes can then score their workout based on feel, and get a correlation between this and the objective data.

The ACWR would then be the same as ATL/CTL, as it would take the rolling average for 7d and 42d (or 28d as some studies have shown).

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How would this best be named in the app? I know the concept is “Session-RPE” but it gives you a training load number so maybe “RPE Load” or stick with “Session-RPE” or “Session RPE”?

Seems the current term is Arbitrary Units, but RPE Load seems suitable.

Session RPE was based on one session assuming there might be more than one session for the day, so RPE Load would be the total load for the day.

Ok I have added “Session-RPE” as an activity field (shows on summary page and in activity list) and plot for the /fitness page. Will deploy Sat AM (GMT+2).

Swapping out TSS for this everywhere in will have to wait before anyone asks :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks.

I am implementing this. Do you have a good blog post or similar that I can link to for the help popup?

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ACWR is live now. It is available as a plot on the /fitness page. Session-RPE is also there but that will only work from Sat AM (GMT+2) when the server side of this is deployed.

That great David, thanks!
The following link describes it pretty well: Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio - Science for Sport

Thanks again!
Gr Johan

Really happy with this metric!
Is it possible to add some bands to it like you did with “Form%” metric?

The bands then should be:

'< 0.80 - [GREY] under training and higher relative injury risk
'0.80–1.30 - [GREEN] optimal workload and lowest relative injury risk; the safe zone
'> 1.5 -[RED] overloading and highest relative injury risk

Aim ofcourse is to stay within the Green band
Thanks again!

Gr Johan

Are you sure you want to follow this metric?

I wrote about this way last year. You can follow my notes for implementation.

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I had forgotten about that thread from nearly a year ago. has session-RPE now but as you point out the RPE scale isn’t the same as Fosters. I will add Monotony Score (rMS) and Weekly Training Strain (rWTS) as soon as I can. Then it should be possible to plot all this in /fitness.

@Johan_Barelds I am going to make it possible to add colour scales to plots soon.


I’m finding that when my form is in the Optimal zone the ACWR is over 1.5. In other words, Optimal Form is high injury risk in ACWR. Not sure if this is always true, or a result of my particular training status. But at least some of the time, the predictions are conflicting.

Thanks David.

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Thanks David. Much appreciated! :slight_smile: