Zwift + Trainerroad on PC with just 1 ANT+ Stick (Smart Trainer + separately Powermeter on Bike)


anybody knows if it’s possible to run Zwift and Trainerroad together on one PC with one ANT+ Stick - when using my Smart Trainer (Tacx Neo) for Trainerroad (ERG to control Power) and pair my Powermeter (Power2max) on my bike to Zwift as powersource (without control).

Tacx Neo → Trainerroad (via ANT+) ERG/controlable
Powermeter → Zwift (via same ANT+) no control (just source)

Should be possible… am i right?


I do this but have to use 2 ANT+ sticks - good thread on the TR forum which will help: TrainerRoad and Zwift together? - TrainerRoad

Thank you!

If your PC supports BT, you can always also use BT as one of the connection

Today I managed to connect Trainerroad to my Wahoo Kickr Core and at the same time connect Zwift to my power meter (assioma duo).
I connected both via Bluetooth, first I connected Trainerroad and then Zwift. For some reason I could only connect my power meter through the Zwift Companion app.
I hope this helps!

If you only have ont Ant dongle it will only run one app connecting via Ant. Basically the app you launch will grab the device and the second app will not see any available Ant devices. As mention either two Ant sticks or one Ant and BTLE connection.