Your results from an FTP block

Hi everyone,

I’ve finally come to do the Empirical Cycling FTP test and it turns out my actual FTP is only 90.5% of my 20min power. I definitely expected it to be lower than 95% but by that amount is still a surprise, I’m pretty sure some track racers have a better ratio than I do, despite identifying myself as a “puncher” and not a sprinter.
Considering my quite short TTE (41’) and this poor ratio, I figure doing an FTP block will be really useful.
However, going into uncharted territories, I’m worried to not see any improvements or very small ones.

People who have a similar experience, ie doing lots of VO2max workouts but never any long thresholds one, what were your results following an FTP block ?
I plan on doing 3x threshold workouts a week, slowly increasing time spent at FTP to push out my TTE.

I’m asking this because despite being emphasized by Empirical Cycling as a very effective way to raise FTP and extend TTE, there are few anecdotal evidences on various forums, probably because most people avoid threshold work in favor of Z5 work (thinking the “polarized” way should be like that).

I like that you say your actual FTP is much lower than 95% of your 20-min test. Many will disagree but that’s okay. The intended definition of FTP is the sustainable power for about an hour.

Do you have a link to this test that you do? I’m curious to see what it’s all about.

As for Polarised, it is not only about doing Z5 work, but rather Z3 work (in a 3-zone model). Z3 includes Z4 & Z5 (in 5 zone model) work. It is also based on sessions, not time; all rides are done with purpose.

Three good workouts are 4x4, 4x8 (Dr Seiler’s favourite) and 4x16. Another forum mentions 5x5 with minimal recovery in between (60s). That’s hard work, but the results can be seen.

Depending on what you are training for, the Z3 will increase or decrease, eg. in the pre-competition phase, Z3 inceases and Z1 drops a bit.

Do you have a link to this test that you do? I’m curious to see what it’s all about.

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Thanks. Will have a look.

For me, the Kolie Moore (Empirical Cycling) test gives me a higher FTP than the 20 min. or Trainer Road ramp test. I’m scheduled to retest on Tuesday and will likely do KM test outside on a flat 15 mile loop.